Mindful Marketing

Throughout the past 6 years of creative business work I've collected skills, information and knowledge that helped me achieve more than I imagined possible (I had no idea I was an entrepreneur, and an intrapreneur ... here I thought I was just a pain in the butt to all my past bosses!). Along the way, and beginning in my early 20s, I've been a student of self-studied positive psychology, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, meditation and the ultimate mind-body connection: yoga.

I cannot separate myself from what I 'do'. While this statement is often thought of as negative, I feel it is a positive and here's why: I am not a die-hard workaholic avoiding life or avoiding myself, who can't put down her iPhone just in case an email pings in (sometimes ;).  

I live what I do with purpose, I do things with mindful attention and with intent. My life isn't separate containers; it's a whole ecosystem and I want to enjoy each part of it, deriving satisfaction from everything I put my mind to doing, including work. 

Then it dawned on me, in a moment of complete lucidity, that what I "do" for work - branding and marketing consulting, coaching, and mentoring - is all done by combining my knowledge and rational thinking with my intuition and subconscious.  Just as I brought business principles to the arts, I have been bringing mindfulness to business, specifically, to the way I teach and train in marketing.

What I do is Mindful Marketing; #mindfulmarketing. Combining business with creativity with mindfulness is the ONLY way to succeed and to be personally fulfilled. I'm excited to share my thoughts, ideas, and concepts, and to offer coaching programs aligned with this philosophy. 

I'll be sharing more about the Mindful Marketing ways and how my theories and examples can help everyone enhance their brand, their business and their marketing efforts.