Life Lessons From Email Hacking

The other day, Mr. Mercury Retrograde decided to make his mighty entrance with a bang; 1) my kitchen sink got completely clogged, 2) my computer self-destructed, 3) my Gmail account got hacked.

I had a silent, internal implosion as I woke up to many messages, texts, emails, chats, etc. from people asking or warning me about Gmail. I felt horrible. I didn't have my laptop so ... armed with iPad and iPhone, I began by posting to Facebook and Twitter, setting a new password to my account, answering everyone and meanwhile finding out what more I could do to ensure that I wasn't 'compromised'.  

Once I had the email issue under control, and simultaneously dealt with the maintenance guy in my kitchen and the computer technician on the phone I contemplated the aftermath and what I found was very positive!

1. I heard from a lot of people I hadn't heard from in ages; it was a somewhat nice way of saying "hey what's up?" 

2. I realised how many people cared enough to let me know this happened

3. My cries for "help what do I do now?!" were answered in nanoseconds

4. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the community I have around me. 

adapia d'errico empowerment

In the spirit of community and helping out, I am going to share the "instructions" for what to do if your email gets hacked:

1) Change your password right away

2) Remote log out of any open sessions (instructions:

3) Log yourself out

4) Log back in and change your password one more time.

5) Clear cookies in your browsers across all devices. 

5) Be Grateful!