Anime Expo LA 2013

This year d'Errico Studios hit LA's Anime Expo sans the star, Camilla (tear). It was a good show and many more attendees (spending ones at that) than in previous years, which surprised me. Could it be because the organizers moved the show "back" to July 4th weekend? Was it the extended long weekend? Maybe it was a better booth location and at least a dozen new print designs and a new art book?

Whatever it was, our results were positive and Camilla d'Errico will be at Anime Expo LA 2014. Hopefully, this time, in person. I missed 'working the booth' with my sister, and it was lonely signing Tanpopo books by myself. I'm still not used to autographing anything, though I’m always immensely proud of our work together on the book, which is becoming a series of books!

At least lots of friends and industry professionals came to visit me including the crew from POW!, Regina from Stan Lee's Comikaze, emo sculptor J*RYU, and the ever lovely Ryan Keely. And I got to hug the biggest stuffed cow I've ever seen. 


anime expo LA
anime expo 2013 LA
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