Into the Belly of the Beast

I've been called out for not telling anyone I'd be showing up to several important shows this year, like Kidscreen, Licensing Show and New York Comic Con last October. Yikes! 

Though today is the day before SDCC kicks off with Wednesday's Preview Night, this my official announcement. I am in San Diego and I'll be at Comic-Con all five days. You'll mostly find me at the convention center in the afternoons at Camilla's booth #4723. Info about the massive hall and hours here.

For those who haven't been, for those who have been, and for those like me who say they aren't going "this year" then end up getting wrangled into it, the spread in June's Juxtapoz Magazine by Alex Pardee complete with a personal note from Alex, sets the stage for the beast that I, along with 150,000 or so people, are going to morph into.

Because let's be honest, the 'belly of the beast' could be the convention center but the beast itself is the collective of people - primarily the incredible fans - that make Comic Con the legendary venue and event that it is.  Click the image below to see Alex's Comic Con Guide. It's spot on!

*I may not be able to blog as much during these days, but I'll be posting tons of pics on Instagram and Twitter. And I'll do a recap upon my safe reentry into the real world next week!  

For now, today, I am getting my fill of a personal geeky interest of mine: neuroscience combined with immersive, digital media at the 5D Institute's satellite symposium on Perception and Action in Immersive Worlds.