Why Social Media Confounds: A Visual

By the time I'm able to tell a client what they need to integrate in their marketing plan from the new media realm, I've often thought it didn't sound that complicated.  And I wondered, "Am I leaving something out?", "Did I cover all my bases?", "Gosh that sounded so simple!", "Anyone could figure this out!"  

Then, Brian Solis and JESS3 published the Conversation Prism. And my mind was at ease. Looking at this prism, I can see what I am sifting through in order to come up with the best, tailored strategy for a client - every time. Because there is no blanket formula when I'm working on an integrated marketing strategy for a client.  Each expert, brand, and company is wholly unique, from their values, to their audience, to their goals. This means a great deal of time is put into establishing which apps, platforms, networks, etc. are best for each one. 

What's in this prism is a sifted and curated online landscape, because there are many tools, apps, and sites that I use as well. And of course, the online landscape is only one part of the larger whole; the larger integrated marketing strategy, which in and of itself is part of an even larger brand development strategy. Confounding? A little bit, but that's the fun of what I do - Create the best overall plan to help my clients flourish - without them needing to be confounded at all!