Life in LA - One Year In

It's been a year since I moved to the greater Los Angeles area and though the past 12 months have whizzed by, I feel like I've been here much longer. Usually New Year's is when we all get reflective but there are so many keystone moments scattered throughout the year that keep me reflecting quite a bit.  

Camilla and I always have our "year in review" at San Diego Comic Con. Looking back on a year's worth of personal, professional and life progress from various milestones helps me refine and sometimes redefine, my goals.

Certainly the last two years have been tumultuous after moving away from Italy after 9 years living there and spending just over a year in Vancouver before moving to LA. Vancouver was great, not only because I got reacquainted with my "home" culture and country, and because I was so much closer to my sister, as well as my family out in the Okanagan Valley. Vancouver was my launch pad into digital media, transmedia and digital distribution of film and television content; it's where I began to see my new path in these areas while the work of managing Camilla steadied to a pace where I could dedicate my time to building my consulting business in developing brands in the pop culture arts and entertainment industries.

And when you put it into perspective there is NO better place for digital media, pop culture arts and entertainment than Los Angeles! Being based in Venice, at the heart of Silicon Beach and the Digital LA movement has opened up huge new avenues, connections and opportunities to work with incredibly talented startups, entrepreneurs and established media companies. Did I move to the heart of yoga country, to the most enjoyable year round climate, nearly endless sunshine and to a mecca of people watching? You bet I did!  And my life is richer for it because I'm constantly, daily, incredibly inspired. This inspiration helps me evolve my business, my professional brand as well as evolving myself personally.  Until the next moment on my "Evolution of AdaPia" calendar, I sit in complete gratitude for everything and everyone in my life, and for the opportunity to make the choices I've made, which have brought me here.

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