Embracing "The Expert" Within

I have the pure pleasure of working with a client over the past few months who is a powerhouse. I couldn't describe her any better than that; her career and achievements mirror the kind of professional woman I wanted to become when I was younger. Her resume and accolades are everything the corporate career climber wants to frame on their wall. In a few weeks I'll share this super woman's new site and expert brand launch, since I'm working helping her transition into a new phase of her career and professional identity; into her own expert brand.

What's most humbling is being a thought partner for her and directing my focus to giving her the right support so that she can fully step into this career changing role. It's subtle, delicate (yet strong) emotional and psychological support, which is in stark contrast to the highly quantifiable and tangible branding and outreach plan that I've put together for her. The most important "thing" I've done is to help her embrace the expert within, to feel 150% confident that she can step onto a stage - literally - and speak those words, be her brand, and ultimately influence industries and society with her thought leadership.

This support role is turning out to be incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling for me personally, but it's also laid visibly clear to me that even someone as accomplished, admirable and inspirational like her, who has been a GM at Mattel, who is a trusted advisor to Disney's strategic teams, and who has been fundamental in launching children's toy brands for over 20 years, needed help embracing her inner expert and stepping onto the public stage as such. 

In working with this incredibly intelligent and driven woman, I see clearly that what drives a person's success is the persistent and determined quest to improve themselves - their knowledge, their expertise, their skills, their experience - and the responsibility or passion they have for sharing that with others because it ultimately leads to improvement, innovation and progress in society.

There's this inner energy that pushes forth, like a flower bursting to meet the sun.  As such, I feel like a gardener - giving the flower that little extra bit of support to embrace its true nature, to embrace the expert within. And that goes for everyone who has a passion and has made it their life's work to live that passion - the creator, the artist, the writer, the filmmaker, the healer, the yoga teacher, etc. By embracing what you know and who you are, you can take concrete steps in the direction that will lead to profound and powerful fulfillment.