Being Stressed is a Social Badge

Being stressed out or overworked seems to be a social badge nowadays. It has been for a while and I'm sensing that it's growing to ridiculous proportions.  

I hear "I have soooooooooooo much work" and then a list of qualifiers sometimes issued as complaints, other times as affirmations and other times as invitations for approval.  There's social pressure and an unspoken expectation that if you aren't "so busy" you aren't working (hard enough) or that you aren't successful. 

This is NOT ok; success and being successful is not being overworked. And it certainly isn't acting like your entire life is about emails, deadlines, projects, meetings and your job. There's a prevalent culture of overworking, which can also lead to seeming to be overworked. How many people actually work - really work - for all those hours in a day? 

In fact, I wonder about people who are constantly overworked, stressed out and unable to find time for anything outside of "work".  Are they that busy or are they just saying that? Are they poor at time management? Are they slow workers? Are they disorganized? Are they easily distracted? What's the gauge, the benchmark? 

We should be measuring our effectiveness at our roles/work based on the quality of what we do, not the quantity of hours we spend in front of a computer, attached to our phones scanning and firing off emails, or how many to-do lists we've crossed off.  

Success and work is measured by how efficiently and how well something is done, and that it is done with meaningful attention, thought given to detail, to context, to impact. Let's bring more mindfulness to what we do and change our definition of what makes us successful - in life. Stress isn't invited to my party! I aim to live a balanced, rich life that includes fulfilling work, friends, family, health, fitness, joy and fun.  As a result, I'm a 100x better at what I do, how I do it and the results I get. My badge is personal fulfillment and that includes loving what I do because it's merely a part of my life and certainly not what qualifies me as a person in social circles.