Another Pivot, Another Industry: Crowdfunding

I've felt pretty bad for neglecting my blog for the past several weeks, but I feel like I have a good reason (this time). A couple of months ago I decided to check out a Crowdfunding conference in San Diego after learning about the opportunity to crowdfund investing (not donations).  For those who didn't know me waaaay back when, my career began in banking and I worked in a hedge fund in Switzerland when I lived in Italy. So I've always been into economics and especially into investing.  

The conference was interesting and a little odd; maybe because I was at the San Diego Convention Center and there were only normal people there and not the usual 150,000 crazy, fun, cosplay fans I'm used to seeing each July. Nay, it was a business conference, and their exhibitor tables were, well, quaint.  Aside from the stark anti-deja-vu, my mind was blown open by this JOBS Act legislation and the impact it could have on our markets and our economy. I obviously met a lot of people, and specifically, the CEO of a real estate crowdfunding platform, Patch of Land - Carlo Tabibi.

Two weeks later, I said yes to becoming the Chief Marketing Officer of a small team of super passionate, visionary and fun people who are building something amazing - and disruptive. Can you see me rubbing my hands together and giggling a little evil laugh of anticipation?  I've hung my consulting spurs, and have come full circle in my career. I'm getting to combine the marketing, branding and business development skills I collected throughout the 6 years of building d'Errico Studios and then consulting for start-ups and entertainment companies, with my old-old background and passion for investing. 

I'm "still" working with Camilla; I doubt I'll ever not work with her after all. She's doing so well that I really only have to check in now and again, but mostly - most importantly - I am still writing Tanpopo and working on another 'secret' project that won't be secret for long. It's incredibly important to me to carve out time for my personal projects, for things I'm passionate about like Camilla's success, yoga and spirituality, Instagram (!) and the man who stole my heart, Andrew. 

The thing is, I am satisfied when my life is filled with things that push me, even when it seems there can't be room for more. But there is - if you love what you're doing, no matter if they are a career, a hobby or a relationship. Sometimes those things push me harder and farther than I think I can go. And I can lose track of time, and of something as simple as writing in my blog. So I promise I'll try to keep that up, even though the content strategy alone, over at Patch of Land is a handful. 

You'll still see me at gallery openings and maybe even making a guest day appearance at SDCC (sans the God badge)! So please check in on me, say hi, and hopefully you learn, along with me, what an incredible opportunity that crowdfunding is bringing to the real estate and investment markets.