Digging My Soul Out From Under My Ego

When we are called by our soul, there's no escaping it. Right now, in this moment in history, people everywhere are being called like never before. Since the decision last year to create this site and this blog, I've taken myself on a deep, personal, inner journey. A journey of meaning. A journey of connection. A journey of destiny.

Big words. And I use them intentionally. The past year has been transformational. It's been a year of spiritual awakening.

I've hesitated to use the term 'spiritual' for fear of alienating people who may feel resistance to it, because I used to. I had a lot of negative bias toward the word spiritual because I associated it with religion and its doctrines of obeisance to man-made rules around a divine force that is thrust on us like a high and mighty being, when in fact, it is extremely personal. 

Regardless of what we call it - God, The Divine, Source, Brahman, Atman, Source, The Universe, I've noticed so many people connecting into this greater force, and what we call it doesn't matter. What matters is what we do about finding the connection to the part of ourselves that wants to believe in something bigger than ourselves.

When I undertook this endeavor, I had no idea I was going on such a deep, spiritual journey. I thought I was starting a blog based on my passion for writing and for empowering people to take charge of their lives by finding inner meaning. Along the way, I found that inner meaning was intrinsically connected to Soul, and slowly but surely, my journey of awakening unfolded. 

Part of this journey was external - I created new connections, new friends, and began to become part of communities that have held me through some dark times of deep soul searching and shadow work. I also continued to strive, albeit from a different place of motivation, for creating impact in the outer world. That impact includes this blog, leadership and empowerment work, a podcast, and public speaking. 

When I connected with Kirsty Spraggon, we immediately recognized a "sister on a journey"! She invited me to be part of a new project she was working on, Truth Telling for Truthseekers, and for several months we worked on the logistics and launch of her new brand culminating with a full-day event at the Alex Theatre in Los Angeles.

This video of my keynote took months to prepare. It took a lot of out me. It took me into recesses of my memory and my heart that I had locked away. Far, far away. I came face to face with buried shame, and I came out the other side triumphant. 

I don't know where this will take me. I do know that it has opened up my heart and brought me closer to my soul. It brought me clarity on my path. It's one of the most challenging things I've ever done, personally. Also, one of the most healing and personally rewarding.