Eclipsing Wealth and Health

The 2017 August 21st Total Solar Eclipse - 'The Great American Eclipse’ - was the first total solar eclipse to be seen across the continental United States in 99 years and the first solar eclipse to be visible in totality only from the U.S. since the nation was founded in 1776 (the last time it happened was 1257). For an eclipse path to touch only one county and no other, is rare. Aside from media coverage and brief renewed interest in the history and science of eclipses, there is deeper spiritual and astrological meaning to eclipses.

Eclipses are all about working with shadows. A solar eclipse is literally the Moon’s shadow falling on the surface of the Earth. Metaphorically speaking, eclipses unveil what is hidden, bringing to light what was in the shadows and illuminating a new path of understanding, healing, and transformation. 

In a sweetly synchronistic way, the total solar eclipse is a perfect metaphor for Real Wealth, Real Health. My desire is to unveil the deeper meaning of wealth and health. To understand them as more than terms but also what they mean to us and how they affect our thinking, emotions, and behavior. The real definitions of wealth and health are complex, nuanced and vast - a bit like our understanding of the cosmos! 

A lot of what we think we know about wealth and health is defined by limited concepts that do not align with the way that we want to feel and what we desire. We are familiar with the words 'wealth' and 'health'. For the most part, we equate wealth with money and possessions. The more we have, the better. We equate health with a static, generic state of well-being. We think of health as not being sick. But these definitions are each too linear, one-sided and narrow

We need to shine the light of understanding on the shadow aspects of wealth and health that hide in our individual and collective unconscious. Women are especially prone to emotional, spiritual and psychological wounding in the pursuit of the superficial, masculine notions of wealth and health - because they are contrary to our feminine values.

Shadows of wealth include: the pursuit of money and material possessions at all costs; the pursuit of the appearance of wealth and possessions through debt; choosing careers based on earnings versus interest or passion; choosing money over love; fraud, scams and get-rich-quick schemes; elitism and classism; 'the haves vs. the have nots'; valuing ourselves or others based on their status, possessions, and financial situation; believing in societal rules of how much we 'should' earn; judgment; self-aggrandizement or worship/admiration of material wealth; and a big one for women who are mothers - feeling you should work/earn to be considered a valuable member of society. 

Shadows of health include: twisted and destructive ideals of body shape and size; fad diets and fitness plans; pursuing 'skinny' through starvation, surgery, etc.; feeling less beautiful, valuable or worthy of love for not looking a certain way; dogmatism around certain foods or types of eating; emotional and psychological problems; shame or guilt; suicide; over-use of medication for any and every complaint of being 'unwell' or sick; overspending on whatever external product or service that purports to deliver health; and, on a deeper level, disconnection from our instinct, intuition and true desires.

Do you recognize any of these shadows? Are there others that jump to mind? How do you feel when you read those lists? We don't even realize that many of our thoughts and unconscious patterns play out in the very real moments of our everyday lives.

Just as the moon eclipsed the sun and metaphorically brought shadows and unknown parts of ourselves to the surface of our consciousness, Real Wealth, Real Health will ‘eclipse’ mundane definitions and offer a new understanding to two words we think we know. By exploring the shadows we can find healing and a holistic understanding of wealth and health. One that can bring balance and empowerment to the decisions we make about what to pursue, why to pursue it, and who to pursue it for.