An Evolutionary Philosophy

The path to inner meaning - to the meaning we all seek - is a unique, individual journey, and also a collective quest. Humanity has been asking the same questions since the beginning of time: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? What is my purpose? What is my destiny? How was everything created? Where is life going?

As a global community, we are influenced and influencing each other through instant communication and transmission of everything from cultural myths to real-time individual experiences. In the West especially there is more “wealth” than ever, and the promise of more “health” (in the most basic ways like sanitation, longevity, cures for illness).

However, there is a parallel and disturbing reality: with all this wealth and health, there is also extreme dissatisfaction. More dissatisfaction than ever. Unhappiness. Depression and all kinds of physical and psychological disorders.

We spend more time chasing life than reflecting on it. We’re taught to covet, strive and accumulate. We’re conditioned to push ourselves past our limits. We’re trying to outsmart time and biology. We’re surrounded by marketing messages that fuel consumption and tell us we are never good enough or have enough. Our minds are distracted and debilitated by unconscious and limiting beliefs, behaviors, and thoughts.

Our basic needs are met. But we still don’t feel secure. We are yearning to get to a place where we feel good, where our natural state is joy, happiness and prosperity. Where we have enough and are enough. Always. Where our mind is serving the needs of our heart and our soul. Where we embrace challenges and turn them into strengths. Where we accept all of life. All of who we are.

We need to get back there.

How do we get back to contentment? To feeling good about who we are, regardless of what we have? To being the source of our own empowerment?

We get there by exploring our inner world, connecting to our Soul, and discovering real meaning. By discovering our deep, driving desires. That’s where our gifts, purpose, destiny and dharma are waiting to be revealed. How do we get there?

By practicing mindfulness and intentionality in all our interactions. By exploring the depths of our own psyche and deconstructing our old mental paradigms. By connecting to our body, to our heart, and to our soul. By developing a practice of self-inquiry, self-reflection, and contemplation. By making changes to the way we think - and the way we talk to ourselves.

We change our minds. We change our understanding. We change our beliefs. We change our energy. We change ourselves and we change the world. Lofty ideals, I know. I also know that this is possible because my life has changed dramatically since I chose to look at myself with brutal honesty and with fierce compassion. I suffer less. I experience more joy.

By aligning to our soul-centered desires, aspirations and inspirations, we make a commitment to ourselves and to the meaning we seek.  This is my personal journey, too. A journey that began when I thought I lost it all. The truth is, I had everything to gain by letting go of all the things I thought I wanted.

I’m committed to sharing my ongoing journey through my writing, podcast, and how I show up in the World. I’m committed to mastering my mind, experiencing all my emotions, embodying consciousness, opening my heart, unraveling the layers of my ego, and sharing tools, practices and experiences that bring us all closer to our Souls, and home to ourselves. I hope you’ll find inspiration for your own life, no matter what stage you’re in or where you’re at.

We’re constantly learning, evolving and growing. On this journey, we take life-affirming steps toward our own empowerment, creative expression, evolution, awakening, and fulfillment. This is the unfolding of our true selves.


You are what your deep, driving desire is.

As your desire is, so is your will.

As your will is, so is your deed.

As your deed is, so is your destiny.

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad, 4.4.5