Empowering Female Leadership Workshop

This 90-minute workshop on ‘Empowering Female Leadership In Your Organization’ at Lendit Fintech 2018 was so much fun to put together and to present to the room full of people who came, participated, asked questions and engaged in the lively session.

When we stop to reflect on how we think, why we think (anything) and question the validity of our beliefs and biases, we immediately open up to new horizons within ourselves, and out in the World.

We often don’t realize what we are thinking; it happens automatically, under the surface of our busy lives and scattered minds. Taking a few moments to center ourselves in this space and practice can have profound results - not only on us, as individuals, but on the consequential changes in behavior and impact we make in our interactions with others.

When we can become more self-aware, connect to our hearts for the feeling of truth in every situation where the mind wants to jump to an easy (and unconscious) answer, we have an opportunity to change the course of events in a big way. This is how we change the World - one thought and unraveled bias & belief, at a time!


In this interactive workshop session, you’ll learn practical, actionable tools and strategies to make an immediate impact towards advancing women’s leadership. Gain an understanding of which biases are holding companies back from truly acknowledging and integrating women at work, and learn how you can proactively role model the change required to empower female leadership in your own company.


An audio recording of the session is below, along with a few slides: