Silicon Beach Fest Panel

A couple of weeks ago at Silicon Beach Fest in Santa Monica, a tech and start-up conference organized by Digital LA, I spoke on a panel about Corporate Branding.  But that sounds awfully dry, so let me tell you what we really talked about! We talked about making your story stick: how to craft a compelling brand narrative.  Specifically, we talked about storytelling as a way to develop an authentic brand and an engaging, compelling message about the brand for a startup's three main audiences: customers, employees and investors.   

I learned as much as anyone else in the room, and was flanked by amazing moderator and co-founder of Techzulu, Amanda Coolong, sweet and sharp corporate copywriter, Renee Topper, and the human encyclopedia of start-up branding and Founder of Graphicly, Micah Baldwin, and me, Creative Brand Strategist AdaPia d'Errico.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who felt inspired during and after the panel, because it was standing room only, and there were so many positive tweets that it attracted people from other events to fill the room. What does this tell me? That startups need help with their branding and that everyone wants a good story, even from a startup. There's much work to be done! 


SBF Panel Startup Branding.jpg