What Will I Contribute?

Looking ahead to 2019, I have a distinctly different sense of how I am going to approach the year. I’m called to change the way I relate to the world, to how I define myself, my role, my career, and to what I want to accomplish or attain.

After reflecting on how pivotal 2018 has been in my personal growth with deep gratitude, despite one of the most heartbreaking losses of my life, I realize that I can’t approach anything the same way.

I can’t measure, evaluate or level-set life the way I’ve been doing it. None of us can.

Despite what felt like destruction of parts of our lives, our characters and our worlds in the past two years especially, we have a new foundation to build upon. This is something incredible to look forward to. It’s the gift of a new beginning, which can only come from an ending.

Something major shifted, changed, and reset.

how we end is how we begin.

How we transition into or out of anything determines the experience of what we’re leaving and what we’re entering.

In yoga, the transitions between poses are fundamental and to be executed with great care, attention and intention. Usually, we are unaware of ourselves through the transitions. We’re either relieved to be out of a pose, thinking ahead to the next one, or anticipating our own (and/or the teacher’s) next pose.

We’re not in the pose, we’re elsewhere. We’re not present, we’re anticipating the future, in a rush to get to the next phase or to get to the end so we can feel good and rest.

If you space out during the transition or try to rush through it, you won’t know where or how you’re going to arrive into the next pose. The difference is felt as a sense of alignment, strength, and solidity versus disorientation, wobbliness and constantly needing to re-adjust. This takes you out of presence and out of the pose. In that state of disorientation, every pose then continues in this manner - unbalanced, not feeling right, uncomfortable, or unbearable.

We’re less present during transitions than at any other time in the yoga practice.

How is this also true in our lives? And how can we be more present - more present than ever - right now during this transition?

The transition that we’re being asked to make now is more than the transition between the year 2018 and 2019. I know that we want to be done and done with 2018, but that’s not what’s on offer. We still have some work to do.

We do have an important window (until the Full Moon of Jan 20th) to accomplish a lot of cleaning up of some of the 2018 situations and energies that need to be wrapped up, completed and graciously released. However, we haven’t reached the end. We’re being called to actively, consciously work on our transitions throughout all of 2019.

We’re transitioning from one state of being to another. We’re transitioning more fully into our Self Mastery with more conscious awareness of the mechanisms that work behind the scenes - in the subconscious, in the ethers, and in the worlds beyond the veils.


Our roles, our identities, and the way we relate to others through our 'work' are still being redefined. We're empowered to define our own roles, our own work, and our own mastery.  Bringing that power to bear on the world through contribution shifts the energy and the outcomes. We find support and encouragement that we never thought we had before.

We’re in deep reflection, asking questions about the past few years: ‘why’ certain things have happened, ‘why’ we’re feeling a sense of loss, or ‘why’ things didn’t go the way we wanted them to go.

We need a new framework for a new way of relating to life in a way that is meaningful to us personally. We need a new framework to hold ample space for the unknown, the unexamined, and the unseen. We need a framework where we live our transitions naturally as the state of constant evolution.

I’ve been reflecting on the reflections. I’ve been watching, seeing, listening and talking to many people about this important transition time. The transition between the ‘old’ and the ‘new’. A transition that is not as clear-cut as we’d like it to be.

However, something is very clear to me: the need to completely alter the way I relate to life. I need to make a clean transition in this area. A new start. A brand new journey of relating to everything and to everyone.

There’s a huge reframe around the way I identify myself in relation to everything from work, leisure, friendships, relationships, and partnerships. There’s a reframe about the way I relate to time, activities, priorities, and goals.

The shift is intentional. In fact, it’s about intentions. And, it’s about contribution.


We have important work to do in the World. I know you’re feeling it. More people than ever are feeling it.

We focus a lot on career. For many of us, our career - title, role, salary, influence and position largely determine our identity. This was true for me. My ego had its claws hooked into career and role as its main identity. And those hooks were in deep.

But as my ego went through multiple deaths over the past two years, it’s attachment to career has significantly shifted and I found myself, at the beginning of this year, thinking about my intentions and goals now that I am not attached to my career as ‘who I am’.

I’m asking a far more empowering question: What’s my contribution? What is my contribution beyond the boxes of a career or even a role. Because I can, and do play, many roles. We all do. In relationship to others, in relationship to society, in relationship to expectations … we are all playing roles.

The question that our expanding consciousness is asking, is: “What is our contribution to this World and in this lifetime?”

How are we using our skills our gifts our knowledge and our abilities to contribute? How are we doing this in a way that feels right to us, as individuals, and that has a lasting impact on those around us - our community?

Contribution means that, in its essence, something is being created for more than just ourselves.

A contribution carries a vibration, and a quality of being for many - for and toward something bigger than the self.

When I think about my role and my career and what I wish to achieve now and going forward I’m looking at it through the lens of contribution and what I’m contributing.

So, what do I want to contribute? I want to contribute experience, wisdom, knowledge and methods to help others find their inner meaning. I want to contribute to the upliftment of humanity out of fear and hatred and into love and joy by inspiring others to also seek out their potential.

When we are each living in our potential, we feel good about ourselves. And when we feel good about ourselves it is easier to feel good about others. We are self-reliant. We self-validate. We don’t need external validation. We are not manipulated by the opinions and emotions of others. We are sovereign and free.

I contribute by living in my full potential, in my light, in my joy, and in my power, as an example for others. My mission is to show others how they can reach their own highest potential and live a joyful life through self-mastery, self-empowerment and the practices of self-inquiry, reflection, mindfulness, and contemplation.

Contribution is my theme for the 2019 year of manifestation - according to numerology 2019 is a “3” year of manifestation, creativity, expression and abundance. It’s also the number associated with artists, with bringing something into form, and with the Empress in tarot. It’s a year to put our feet on the ground and begin the work of bringing into form that which we most deeply desire to create and enJOY.

As we make this important transition, I leave you with some questions to ponder, reflect-on, meditate-on and journal about. Remembering that we must honor what has come and stay present during the transitions.

A calendar year or a specific date does not mark actual endings or beginnings. The completion and integration of the energies and lessons of a situation or a period of time in our soul’s evolution are marked by our awareness and our honoring of everything we were, and are, now. We do this with our intentions, energy and actions. We’re always in a process of some kind, transitioning, changing, growing and creating!


1. What are you complete with from 2018?

2. What are you calling in that's new for 2019?

3. What are you still working on or with, from 2018 that needs attention, intention and energy in 2019?

4. To what will you contribute your attention? Your energy? Your love? Your time? Your resources?

5. What is the greatest contribution you will make this year? This month? This lifetime?