d'Errico Studios Takes on LA: Comikaze, JapanLA: Art, Comics & Manga

Perpetual summer here in LA means that this weekend snuck up on me! It's Comikaze Expo weekend, which means Camilla is in town and the 'sister superpowers unite' for 4 days of Halloween madness, convention craziness and a combo book signing and pop-up shop party at the boutique store, JapanLA

I'll be posting to Instagram as usual, so be ready for promo shots of Camilla, our booth, our fans, as well as the dressed up disorder of usual comic con goers mashed up with Halloween - I expect to come across some interesting characters! And more of these - Helmetgirls cosplay!!!


Come by and see us at Comikaze in the LA Convention Center. Artist Alley tables 613-614!