Creative Problem Solving On The Fly

Comic Con in San Diego is a major event and requires a lot of planning and preparation. Despite the best laid out plans, things go wrong. This year, half of the display material for Camilla's booth did not arrive in San Diego. Booth display is the visual branding and is perhaps the most important part of presenting at a show, second only to having merchandise on-hand to sell.

So what do you do when you can't set up? Or in our case, when you only have half of what you need? You improvise! And you make the most of it. Instead of having two full walls of display banners, we created an impromptu "Prints Wall" and bought replacement display material for the prints and art books.

The result? A booth that looks incredible - and that showcases the art prints perfectly. The branding is seamless and fans are happy! The professional and artistic image that everyone recognizes, and that we expect from ourselves, is intact.  After Preview Night's big numbers, what seemed at first like a major disaster, has turned into a successful creative solution.   


Camilla d'Errico Booth

Camilla d'Errico Booth

If you're at SDCC, come by and visit the Camilla d'Errico booth #4723 in Hall F - Fantasy Illustrators section. Camilla is here all weekend signing prints, books and merchandise. And I'm in the booth most afternoons, as well as out visiting other clients around the con. There's great energy, and with this challenge overcome, the team is ready to take on the thousands of visitors here in San Diego.