Vancouver, Family, Celebrations!

In two days I'll be in Vancouver again after being away for over a year. I'm looking forward to seeing the city in my favorite season - Indian Summer. Aside from Qoola frozen yogurt, a stop-in at my old yoga studio, abominable (in a good way) sized sashimi and a run on MY seawall, I'm most looking forward to seeing the whole family and many, many friends come together for Camilla's wedding.  It will be an intense 6 days!


My uber romantic sister has been planning her big day for two years and to a level of detail uncharacteristic of me, but absolutely in her realm; just look at the level of detail in her paintings! But it's also because this is so incredibly important to her and she and her fiancee are pulling out all the stops. I'm pretty stoked to see the first ever collaboration painting between the two of them. She shared a WIP on her FB page the other day. It will also go down in history as the only painting - original painting - of her own that she will keep. Every other piece she has created is in a collector's home or is in a gallery.  This is a beautiful idea, so perfect, and so 'them'!