New Charity for Partnership for Camilla: Causora

I've been turned onto many organizations doing incredible work in the non-profit space over the past few months and have made a decision to be a much more active participant in this space.  My whole Christmas theme was about donating to others in need; kids, women, animals, the environment, etc.

I went to a Social Good panel organized by DigitalLA a while back and met the Co-Founder of Causora, struck up a friendship and now Camilla is the first fine artist on their site. The launch of Camilla's Causora page has already seen donations to various charities, as people can redeem their $20 for a special bundle of prints exclusively for the Causora platform.


Causora is an online One-for-One giving platform that rewards your donations to Non-Profit Organizations.  Causora raises awareness for NPO’s and global relief efforts by allowing you to Browse Causes or fundraise for one yourself. Give $20 to a worthy cause, get $20 reward redeemable from Causora merchants. Causora aids over 150 NPOs such as  Red Cross, Earthworks, Habitat for Humanity, and many more.

Giving Through Camilla Artwork

In 2013, Camilla’s Charity Print Initiative raised and donated over $1,800 to NPOs likeSeattle Children’s HospitalWalking for Lions, Ian Somerhalder Foundation, and more.  Charity Print collectors saw 50% print proceeds go to help organizations Camilla feels strongly about, and now with Causora people can receive print rewards for donating to causes they love too - on the Causora platform.