Podcast About New Career Direction

I was recently interviewed by Dr. Adam Gower for his NREF - National Real Estate Forum podcast. We talked about reinventing careers, and pursuing our passions as they relate to being of service to others through education and mentorship. 

A lot happened in 2017 and I've decided to use my experience and knowledge to help entrepreneurs build purpose-driven brands and to work with women on building their leadership traits so that they can make a bigger impact in the organizations they work for, the businesses they run, and on the people around them.

The truth is, we need more women to step up, and there are many people to support this - especially men. I believe that we have an unprecedented opportunity to make sweeping changes by building bridges to move the gender divide from a canyon to a mere crack. 

This is the work I'll be dedicating myself to professionally. Personally, I'll be writing, speaking and presenting on the search for inner meaning through Real Wealth Real Health, my blog, and platform. 

Starting in January I'll be speaking more about this new direction, the work I'm doing, and a lot of incredible opportunities lining up for a massive 2018 start!