Truth Telling For Truth Seekers Live Event

I'm very excited to announce my first public keynote! On April 22nd, 2018 at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, I'll be one of three keynote speakers alongside entertainers, musicians, and sound bath healers bringing a day of magic, motivation and transformational fun to the stage.

The theme of the day is truth telling, and I'll be sharing a personal story and insights from my life and lessons learned about speaking our truth, even when we think we can't, or we carry shame or we simply don't believe that telling the truth will be ok. 

The truth is - speaking up, opening up, sharing and telling the truth is the most healing, rewarding and transformational act you can do. It's how we heal. It's how we move on. It's how we discover just how much support and love is in our lives.

Use code ADAPIA to get a discount on tickets! The link for more information is: