Perception & Action in Immersive Worlds

On Tuesday July 16th I'll be attending this fantastic one-day symposium that brings together two distinct (until now) communities: researchers in the study of human consciousness and researchers studying immersive narrative media technologies. Neuroscience and Digital Media collide! 

More information about the symposium here.   This satellite symposium is organized by the 5DInstitute, which is spearheaded by Narrative Designer Alex McDowell (Fight Club, Minority Report, Man of Steel) in an ongoing effort to bring together multidisciplinary creators focused on world building as a means of creating a story and narrative. 

ASSC_5D Symposium snapshot.png

This is the intersection of technology and design that most fascinates me because it is enveloped by science - neuroscience at that. And the consequences of these findings belong in the realm of cultural and societal impact, so the anthropologist in me will be fully present at this event.