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Meditating on Art: Calder & Abstraction at LACMA

I was privileged to go to the LACMA preview night opening for the "Calder and Abstraction" show. His 'sculptural mobiles' are mysteriously perfect in their abstraction, natural in their metallic shapes, and evoke harmony and wonder. They are hanging, sometimes precarious, and perfect objects for wakeful art meditation. I'm awestruck, can you tell? 

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Cosplay From Art: The Power of Brand and the Creativity of Fans

The power of art; the medium of cosplay; the freedom of expression. Want to know how a beautiful woman transforms herself into Camilla d'Errico's "The Heart"? Cosplayer and model Meagan Marie pulled out all the stops at this year's SDCC by creating her first "cosplay from art" and brought equally stunning Lisa Lou Who, in full "Egg Thief" cosplay! 

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