Augmented Reality Bootcamp

I went to an AR Bootcamp, hosted by DAQRI. They are an LA-based AR technology company doing some mind bending (almost literally) things with augmented reality technology, collaborating with Qualcomm and Unity, and working with companies like Cadillac, Lego and Maxim to create AR brand campaigns.  


The possibilities of what augmented reality technology can do are just being uncovered, and for more than branding or marketing. Think about education, entertainment, health care and science.  

What was the bootcamp all about? First of all, learning the technical aspects of designing for AR and plenty of examples from DAQRI's experience. Then, groups were formed to create and compete for best AR app. Theory + Practice = Creative Juice Machine and many new ideas on how to integrate AR into my integrated marketing toolkit.  As technology pushes us forward wearable, interactive and tactile tech is fast becoming ubiquitous and consumers demand a more immersive and engaging experience. Augmented reality will continue to develop rapidly and I'm excited by the possibilities, the solutions and the creativity that AR will allow us to discover.