Our lives are complex. We seek happiness, prosperity, peace, success, love and meaning. We want it all but often don’t believe we can “have it all”. We don’t believe it can be accomplished with more ease, less struggle. We can be our own worst enemy.

We get caught in the chase and feel like we're merely surviving, crossing off to-do lists but never quite feeling satisfied. How can we direct our gifts, abilities, skills and personal mastery towards the fulfillment of our own destiny?

Your driving desires, aspirations and inspirations are achievable. It's a matter of redefining and aligning. The map is inside of you and, together, we can put you on the path to feeling and being the most radiant, sovereign and radically empowered version of yourself.

When you need guidance to hone in on your intense passion and lifelong dreams or the search for your greatest potential and purpose, I will show you how to activate your personal power, creativity and life path alignment.

Together, we'll work through mental constructs and outer realities, identify your passions, gifts and desires, transform fear or self-doubt, and reclaim your clarity, poise and purpose.

Let's get you back on the path of personal meaning, authenticity, creativity and joy! 

This work is about going deep and empowering you to embody your highest potential. Making the mental shift from external to internal validation. Powerfully showing up in any situation with ease, poise and confidence and Being the authentic and natural leader that you are - in all facets of life.


Where are you with your business? Where are you as an entrepreneur, business owner or executive? Are you executing to the highest potential as a leader?

For those in the thick of it, the intensity of leading a business can leave you feeling drained, frustrated and overwhelmed. We run multiple tracks - growth, innovation, leadership, management and, somehow, a personal life.

Executives and entrepreneurs and at all stages hit plateaus and feel like they are spinning their wheels. This is the moment when you turn to an experienced executive and entrepreneur who's been there, and has made it out the other side, each time stronger, more aligned, and more certain of how to achieve what matters.

I help you get clear, prioritize needs, re-structure problems or situations, remove obstacles, identify major opportunities, and confidently lead your team and your company toward the goals and metrics that move your business forward. Most importantly, I help you find your core - your unshakeable center - of confidence, personal leadership and self-mastery.

There is no limit to the challenges and opportunities that you face as an executive and/or an entrepreneur. And no two are ever alike. That's why the program is completely customized to fit the unique needs of every client.

Together, we focus on your personal development as a leader with an emphasis actionable and tangible ways of executing on your business mission and vision, while developing your personal authority through authenticity© - the future of leadership. 

It is so incredibly difficult to find other women who not only understand the framework of being a feminine, empowered woman, but in navigating the very masculine environment of business, while not losing that feminine integrity, and leveraging our feminine gifts and talents to succeed. AdaPia is one of those rare women who have mastered bridging the gap – and one who walks her talk. She isn’t preaching from a stage to do this or don’t do that, she’s sharing her hard-earned wisdom, success and experience, from a place of deep feminine integrity and her own commitment to her process. Not only do I trust her and feel confident in her support, but I have seen in my own process working with her, the exponential results that unfold when powerful, committed, successful women come together to achieve something. We speak from a different place, a deeper, feminine knowing that only us women really understand. But it is connecting that softer edge with the tangible results, focus and direction that have made AdaPia an irreplaceable asset to our team.
— Krystine McGinnis, CEO Grown Here Farms
I’m so happy to have found AdaPia to help consult with me in my fashion business. AdaPia offers a unique mix of proven experience in the corporate world, with a strong spiritual side that resonates with how I operate. Working with her, I was able to unlock concrete actions for how to grow my business. She’s inspirational and inspires me to really step it up. She’s a real magic maker!
— Katherine Terrell, Founder, Jeux de Vagues
AdaPia is a master of her craft. She naturally and masterfully leads you to your most authentic brand essence, through thought provoking questions and gentle probing she helps you to see yourself and the brand that is you, like you’ve never seen before! As a professional host and speaker, I am my brand & I rely heavily on my brand to grow my business, now that I’m producing my own events and documentary, I needed to take my brand to the next level. AdaPia knew how to help me make this huge brand transition.
— Kirsty Spraggon, International Speaker, Founder KirstyTV
AdaPia is one of those women who you can’t help be around. Her knowledge, creativity, and loving attitude on life draws you in and feeds your soul. I’ve been fortunate to work by her side. I’ve landed on one of my lucky stars to have her mentor me in my life and career as well.
— Noell Hernandez