Finesse Your Life in Orange County

I'm very honored to be a speaker, and to be called to hold space for the women who will come to this event in Orange County on November 7th! It means a lot to me, to be in a position where I can speak to other women, to share stories, encourage and empower a new sisterhood; a new community where women come together to help each other succeed! 

finesse tour

The Finesse Your Life Tour is the First Live Solutions Engine for Women.
In an age where social media has replaced live conversation and interaction, women crave that classic one-on-one conversation with other women that always seemed to provide the best interaction, comradery and sisterhood. Women are spending more time online, but  the reality is that people in general are become more isolated as they become more social via media.

The Finesse Your Life Tour ushers in the return of community and sisterhood. By creating a “live solutions engine”, we create a platform for girl talk on another level. Girl Talk with the purpose to encourage and inspire. This is achieved by attendees acting as ” live solution manuals” for one another.