Why I Don’t Mind Going To Vegas - This Time

I usually never look forward to a Las Vegas trip. It simply isn't 'my kind of town'. However, I'm looking forward to being there Nov 13 - 15 as part of the AAPL National Conference. As an industry expert in online real estate private lending, crowdfunding and fintech, I'll be on two panels talking about the best regulations for private lenders and brokers to know about, and also discussing how platforms operate.

I'm especially excited about this year's show because the organization so kindly featured me in the current issue of Private Lender magazine. I still feel like a newcomer to the real estate investment industry and I'm grateful to everyone I've met so far; their generosity, openness, curiosity and acumen has made me grown quite fond of this industry, and also of the folks at AAPL who promote ethical and fair lending practices. They put on a fabulous event with the best networking and deal making. This is an industry built on relationships, and AAPL is ensuring that those relationships develop and grow continuously.