My Secret to Networking Revealed in Six Minutes

This is a quick interview with Carole Ellis of the Self Directed Investor Society in anticipation of the AAPL Annual Conference in Vegas coming up. I've placed a lot of emphasis on building relationships and being of service to others. Being of service means being helpful, adding value, and contributing to making other people's lives better. That can be as simple as a courteous smile or as big as making an important business connection for someone. Whatever it is, it stems from a place of authenticity, and a place of wanting to connect with others in a meaningful way. 

Carole did a great job of describing the way I think about "networking", which conceptually scares a lot of people, or turns them off. The way I think about it has allowed me to overcome the negative stigma that I once associated with the word. I hope that others will see the value in my perspective and use it to improve their personal and especially their professional careers!