My Episode as Guest on the LendAcademy Podcast

It is such an honor to be on the LendAcademy podcast; a long-running and industry leading podcast that has been narrating, exploring and encouraging the financial technology space for years. 

It's even more of an honor to be the first guest to speak specifically about a subject that matters across all industries, organizations, and nations: diversity.  As a follow-up to the presentation on Empowering Female Leadership In Your Organization at Lendit, this conversation with Peter Renton covers, amongst other things:

  • My background and the epiphany I had last year.

  • Details of the leadership work I am doing.

  • What it was like to be a woman in the early days of fintech.

  • What needs to happen in fintech to get closer to gender parity.

  • How to address unconscious gender biases.

  • My advice to women who are on the receiving end of gender bias.

  • What companies can do to nurture a welcoming environment for both genders.

  • What impact the MeToo movement has had on business in the last nine months.

  • Why leadership teams really need to set the tone on gender equality.

  • Why I am optimistic about the future of diversity in the workplace.

  • Where I am taking the work she has started on these issues.

  • How high performing teams operate both today and in the future.

Peter is a true leader, gentleman and purpose-driven entrepreneur who is speaking up on the topics and issues that matter! He's making real change happen.

I also talk about Alpha Investing, the new, young real estate private equity firm that I recently joined. With this company, I'm "walking the talk" of being on a diverse leadership team and building a diverse company culture that does good, transparent, ethical work. Proud to be part of this team. Read more here.