Empowering Women in Leadership

Learn practical, actionable tools and strategies to make an immediate impact towards advancing women’s leadership. Gain an understanding of which biases are holding us back from truly acknowledging and integrating women at work and learn how you can proactively role model the change required to empower more women in leadership in your company. You’ll know how to immediately create the space and environment required to begin to develop an organization that recognizes and cultivates its women leaders at all levels.


  • Learn which leadership traits are proven to produce better company performance, and higher return on equity and operating results

  • Discover what biases or limiting thought patterns may be playing a role in your own mental framework and how this affects company culture and employee leadership development

  • Gain an understanding of how you can empower women in leadership in your own company

  • Learn which actionable steps you can take to make an immediate impact in your workplace and in empowering female leadership.

  • Identify the communication challenges and issues inadvertently holding women back in the workplace

  • Activate the change agent in you through your powerful, vulnerable, authentic presence

Women's New Mentorship Model - Sisterhood


Sisterhood isn’t just for the #BFF generation! Break down and rebuild mentorship into what women want so that we all advance, change the status quo, and thrive within our careers and more importantly, in our lives. The patriarchal model of mentorship is outdated, and men are quick to band together and help each other. The support of other women is critical to our success, now more than ever. Creating meaningful, intimate connections comes naturally to women, so let’s use this to create a strong, networked, and supported web of women who will rise strong together.


  • Learn why the mentorship model doesn’t work for women and how to create one that does work

  • Learn how to be a mentor without the heavy expectations of the old, patriarchal model

  • Activate your personal, unique potential as a mentor

  • Learn how to tap your existing community and network to activate your sisterhood

  • Gain an understanding of how your presence, your intention and your passion drive the change you want to see in others

  • Learn how to overcome barriers and biases that may be holding you back from creating the meaningful connections you seek with other women

  • Become the role model that encourages and inspires other women to step into their power and stand by your side to rise strong together.

I was lucky to attend a workshop given by AdaPia and it was extremely empowering. She uses her real-life experience to help guide you through challenges you are currently facing. She has a wonderful energy and truly cares about women’s growth in the workplace. She is warm, genuine and heartfelt in guiding women to success and breaking through personal barriers. I highly recommend AdaPia’s workshops for personal and professional growth!
— Megan Franco, Upgrade, Inc.
AdaPia d’Errico is a pillar of couage and leadership, and perhaps embodies strength through vulnerability more than anyone I’ve ever met. She put on an absolute clinic today (at Lendit Fintech) that left me reflecting on so many ways to be a better leader and how to make AlphaFlow a stronger company.
— Ray Sturm, CEO & Co-Founder, AlphaFlow

Dharma Discovery & Life Purpose Alignment

Take a deep dive into the psycho-emotional realm of being a human in today's modern, busy, hectic world and how to go about that world while also going on the most important journey of all: the personal search for a meaningful life. Your personal search and evolutionary journey. Your driving desires, aspirations and inspirations are achievable. It's a matter of redefining and aligning. The path to getting there is inside of you. Together we can put you on that path.


  • Identify the deep, driving desires unique to you and your life purpose.

  • Transform fear or self-doubt into fuel to powerfully show up on your path.

  • Identify your archetypes and archetypal patterns that help or hinder your journey.

  • Identify the myths and mythic narratives that shape your unique hero’s journey.

  • Identify hidden strengths and attributes that were disguised as limitation or buried under shame or self-loathing.

  • Understand your life through the perspective of the hero's journey and gain perspective of what stage you’re in.

  • Unravel your biases, negative beliefs and conditioning to make room for the guidance to your path and purpose.

  • Work through limiting mental constructs and outer realities, gain clarity and power to take the next high-impact, forward-driving steps in your life and career.

  • Go from fearful to fierce; from chasing to creating, from surviving to thriving.

  • Make the mental shift from external to internal validation and powerfully show up in any situation with grace and confidence.

  • Discover how living in your true purpose allows you to fully realize your life potential and personal mastery.

  • Understand the nature of your spiritual quest and how that translates into the life you're meant to live.

The days of mystics on mountaintops and gurus in ashrams as wisdom-keepers are winding down. Today, we are all responsible and accountable for our own unique journey. Understanding that journey doesn't require a guru. it requires a guide. It requires an uncompromising and deep commitment to the search for truth. It requires devotion to understanding who you are, why you are here, and what you're going to do about it.

Delivered in yoga teacher training curricula, university mentoring programs, on retreats and in independent workshops, this unique program will shift your inner world, which in turn will transform your outer world and life. This is the work that takes self-empowerment and self-mastery to a whole new level - within you. Redefining spirituality for the way we live today. Embodied. Living both a material life and a life of seeking meaning.  Exploring wellness, holistically, and wholeness through the compartments of mind, psyche, body, emotions and spirit. 

We were blessed to have Ada Pia as a guest teacher at Into the Mystic Yoga Teacher Training. She brought a powerful blend of clear and insightful wisdom with her calming and nurturing energy. She has a natural ability to deeply connect with students and articulate her knowledge. Our students were grateful for her presence in their transformative journey.
— Juliana Lavell, Founder Into the Mystic
I was so fortunate to meet AdaPia as a guest lecturer for my yoga teacher training program. She was with our class for a full weekend, and it is not an exaggeration to say that is many ways I will carry with me the knowledge and thought and perspectives that she shared with me for the rest of my life. She is a dynamic and powerful soul with a tender kindness and compassion that comes from being fully realized in her being and well grounded, with the levity of being conscious and wise.
— Nicole Casavant, 200-hr YTT graduate



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