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Digging the Soul out
from Under the Ego


Waking Up to meaning 

When I stood on a stage and told the story about the moment my Soul called me home - back to myself and into a new journey of waking up to meaning - I couldn’t have imagined what followed. I couldn’t have imagined that my words would trigger so much emotion, (r)evolution and healing all over the World.

I now profoundly understand that we are all connected. We are united. We are One. We are in this together. Our diversity is our common humanity. We are united in, and through, our uniqueness.

We all want happiness, love and contentment. We are all seeking success, purpose and fulfillment. We are seeking meaning.


When we listen deeply, we can hear our Soul whispering to us:


—AdaPia d’Errico

the soul isn’t mysterious. it is our authentic, Inner authority. it is the source of our true self.

The Soul’s ambition is self-realization and self-actualization. It is unconditional love, at scale.

The search for the answers to our most heartfelt questions is a lifelong journey facilitated by self-inquiry, mindfulness, self-awareness and contemplative practices.

It’s an ambitious, rigorous and deeply rewarding path of self-mastery, serenity and equanimity.

It’s a journey that requires faith, trust, and surrender.

It’s a journey that sometimes asks us to suspend disbelief and the mechanics of the rational mind.

It’s a journey that asks us to close our eyes, ground into the magic of the moment, and anchor into the sound of our breath.

It’s a journey that asks us to spread our arms wide. And, to leap.


How intensely do you desire joy?
How ready are you to live your highest potential?
How intimately do you want to know yourself?
How far—and how deep—are you willing to go?

adapia d'errico transcending limitation

These are only some of the questions. The answers are within.
They are in our heart.

The attainment of our highest ideals, authentic expression and optimal life requires an enduring commitment to looking deeply into the Self, transcending limitation, integrating the shadow, developing fierce compassion, showing up authentically, finding strength in vulnerability, and having the courage to seek truth, speak truth and live truth - in every facet and in every moment of life.

With the right guides, practices, community, and sacred space for this journey:

We find our way out of discontent, out of the trap of keeping up a picture-perfect life or a picture-perfect anything.

  • We no longer seek external validation or ways to appease the acceptable identity.

  • We dig our Souls out from under our ego.

  • We self-empower, we self-validate and we become self-reliant.

  • We love ourselves more and, in turn, we have more love to give others.

  • We honor ourselves, we honor each other, we honor the World that is our home.

There has never been a more important time for each of us to step into our highest purpose, own our gifts, develop our strengths, and live in alignment to our deep, driving desires. It’s time for each of us to act, speak and live like leaders, even if we don’t have the ‘title’ of leader. We must adopt radical responsibility and accountability to the Collective, and to the Earth.

We are on this path, Together. We are on this journey, as a Community. We are here to Make Meaningful Change.

If you’re here with me now, you’ve been called to a path of deep connection. You’ve been called to dig your soul out from under your ego. You’re on your way home.

May we all cross the threshold into inner meaning.

May we all embrace and embody the Soul shining from within.

may we all honor the sacred gift of life we have chosen.

may we all lead from the heart and create heaven on earth.




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