Nichole Sylvester - Shifting From Chaos to Consciousness

Nichole Sylvester's life purpose is to help women break free of limiting mindsets to be fully empowered to have the life they want. If anyone can vouch for this, it's Nichole!

She went from abuse, addiction, and abandonment to abundance and awakening. Nichole was a keynote speaker at the Truth Telling live event and she lit the audience on fire with her transformational speech.

We talk about our experience preparing for our speeches - the shame and shadows we faced, as well as the daily work of honoring our bodies by listening, emotions as our source of power, spiritual bypassing, and book writing as a form of healing.

Her story is remarkable and inspiring - driven by faith and trust that she was meant to help other women through sharing her own challenges and what she learned on the laboratory of her life, and often, as he says - on her bedroom floor.

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