Joe Fairless - The Ripple Effect of Living a Meaningful Life

What would you do if you controlled $300 million in real estate? Who would you be?

If you're Joe Fairless, you'd invest in a meaningful life and create a ripple effect that leaves everyone you touch better off for having met you. That's Joe's philosophy since evolving himself out of advertising and into real estate investing, podcasting, (his show is Top 5 in the business category and the longest-running daily real estate show in the world) and philanthropy.

From teaching real estate on the side to where he is today, Joe credits his empathy and capacity to see both sides with being able to connect with thousands of people and make an impact on their lives.

There's so much inspiration in this conversation - the 'get a life perk' at work, sampling experiences, reviewing your biases, giving back first, choosing to be great instead of big, death clocks, ditching phones, integrating life, and Joe's meaning of wealth.

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