Andrea Iapaolo - Moving Into Purpose Via Life's Challenges

Andrea Iapaolo is the Mother of Mindset, Facilitator of Space, and a Conscious Crisis Coordinator. She's in the business of showing you that your upsets are your gifts and it can be very inspiring to breakdown, breakthrough and recreate your world, especially when you face the parts of your psyche - what we call the shadow - that most of us prefer not to even acknowledge!

Andrea, who now lives in Bali, tells her story of knowing from the age of 5 that she wanted to help people navigate life. She had to overcome major challenges to live her purpose, including creating a major family rift.

We redefine enlightenment, discuss the generational mindset change around purpose, how we are all alchemists, and the role of self-love, self-care and compassion in making the kinds of shifts in our minds that make real change in our lives. There is so much to reflect on!

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