Aurora Heinemann - Healing with Grief & Strategies for Living With Depression

Today's episode features my soul sister and dear friend, Aurora Heinemann. Aurora is an entrepreneur, single Mom, and loving guide to many people who attend her yoga studio, classes and teacher trainings. Aurora found yoga when she was in the midst of a deep depression many years ago and she's been using yoga and other practices, especially awareness and mindfulness, to manage depression that can arise, especially during tough times.

We first connected through Master Frenchie Mamma, Karen Perkins, years ago in a Frenchie Rescue Organization. As many know, I lost Barrington last November 2018 to a tumor after 10 months of discovering it. Sadly, Aurora also lost her beloved pet Sophie only a month earlier and Karen lost her incredible girl, Jelly Bean a few months before that. 

This is not a sad conversation, though! We must see grief with new eyes and feel it in our hearts because it has the capacity to deeply heal.  Aurora and I talk about this in depth in this inspiring and uplifting episode!

I have so much appreciation for the gifts that challenging situations like loss of a loved one, can give us - gifts like presence, understanding, gratitude, deeper connections with others, opportunities to build relationships and community, indirectly gifting others the experience of our love for someone else, and the space to honor life. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Aurora learned how to manage depression & the role and practice of yoga in her life

  • Dealing with the grief of losing our beloved pets; our fur babies, Barrington and Sofie

  • What a gift it is to caretake another little being like a pet

  • The spiritual lessons of loss

  • How to manage energy as an introvert

  • What it means to open our channel of intuition and how it helps us to have a deeper experience and understanding of life

  • Writing and communicating through grief and loss as a way to honor the departed, and keeps their light alive

  • How important it is to fully feel emotions, especially the darker ones and not to bypass into ‘positivity’

  • The awareness required to catch ourselves when we (the ego) is trying to distract us from the deeper work of uncovering the soul (and intuitive channel)

  • Advanced yoga practice: kundalini

  • Books and authors that inspire us with their research into energy, biology, emotions, belief, and living in alignment.

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Books: Breathing Love, Letting Go, Biology of Belief, True Yoga