Bianca d'Errico - Living With Chronic Pain

Bianca is one of my two sisters - she’s the youngest of three (I’m the eldest). She’s been a big supporter of my journey, especially personally as I broke free of so many false beliefs about who I was supposed to be, how I was supposed to act and what anyone - especially family - expected of me.

Bianca is 5 years younger than me, and we never connected when we were young; it wasn’t until our adult years that we really found our connection, after I left Italy. She’s not only my biological sister, she’s my soul sister and part of my soul family tribe.

Professionally, she’s the co-founder of 'Into the Mystic Yoga' transformational retreats and trainings. She is a movement facilitation expert for chronic pain sufferers, intuitive coach, and yoga teacher.

Bianca's personal journey of inner meaning has been shaped by chronic pain following a car accident when she was 19. She’s battled the demons in her mind telling her that she was a victim of the accident, which, as I witnessed it, affected every part of her life, her esteem and her ability to move forward … until, something found her - yoga.

She began teaching yoga after she understood the profound physical, psychological and emotional impact of a proper practice, and she’s committed to the preventative benefits of properly practiced, aligned yoga.

Her definition of health is holistic, embodying the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. Learning to focus on what she does have, rather than staying stuck in thoughts of what is missing has allowed her to still enjoy life, create her own form of yoga for pain and injury prevention, and to be a successful entrepreneur.

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