Damon Damore - Leaving a Legacy of Empowerment

Damon D'Amore is the champion of the underdog who's made it his life's mission to empower people to achieve their dreams and to leave a legacy.

Damon is an executive coach and legacy mentor who worked with me during a life transition in 2017 that led to reinventing my career.

After multiple life transitions of his own, Damon found his niche working with executives to help them make transitions, find meaning and purpose beyond their roles, and leave a legacy.

From Wall Street to Hollywood to Silicon Beach, Damon's attitude, empathy, and self-awareness teach us that no matter what happens, how hard you fail, or how loud your imposter syndrome gets, you have to keep going and you have to celebrate yourself.

He inspires with his commitment to inner reflection, his passion, and for being a man of his word. And he won't let you take his anger!

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