Dominic Petty - Mastering the Mind & Bringing Healers Online

The power of the mind is a big subject. Energy and energy medicine are big subjects. How do we work with these quantum tools to improve our experience of life? Ask Dominic!

Dominic is a coach and trained as a theta healer, working with subconscious paradigms and energetic fields. He recently launched a new online business called, where you can get connected with a healer - and his/her specific expertise - to support you in life.

I've been working with various healing modalities over the past 18 months, which have been fundamental to my big life shifts and to improve my overall well-being, state of mind and energetic field. Energy and energy healing are fascinating and rapidly-evolving modalities being backed by science and quantum physics more and more each day.

The conversation flows back and forth about our experiences and understanding about the fields, modalities like theta healing, NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming) and so much more. There's a wealth of information for those who like to nerd out on how the mind works, and how we can proactively work with the mind.

In the introduction, I talk about the ongoing Venus Retrograde, which will hit its zenith (or it's darkest point) on October 26th, two days from today which is also the Full Moon in Taurus (also working with Venus energy).

This is the best time to make the most of Venus' journey into the underworld of our psyches, integrating parts of ourselves we've abandoned. I go into the mythology of Inanna and Ereshkigal to illustrate the Venus journey and how it relates to us personally. I also share some insights on big mental shifts I've had around labels and roles and my epiphany (and resulting energetic and mental shift) out of the necessity to identify with any role or label. The result? Freedom! More freedom to be, think and do what is best aligned with the WHO I AM, which is separate from the WHO I CAN BE.

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