George Hoffmann - Fate, Family And Finding One's Self

From a young age, George Hoffmann was driven to seek his own interior, mental stability. He was inspired to seek answers, solutions and treatments to his fear of "losing his mind". His need to understand the workings of the brain led him to explore the workings of the mind and consciousness through many spiritual practices, theories and experiences all over the World. An avid practitioner of multiple contemplative and meditative practices, George has traveled the World seeking - and finding - himself. 

Eventually, on his journey, he found his life's purpose at the place where his search started - with his family. George is the CEO and Co-Founder, along with his Father, Geoffrey Hoffmann, of biotech company Network Immunology, which is focused on discovering and developing novel therapies for inflammatory diseases. In other words, they are optimizing the immune system and they are on the cutting edge of the technology that could change the game for animals, especially our furry friends, and humans.

In our conversation, we discuss George's personal path and his entrepreneurial journey, weaving in an out of personal stories of his time traveling around the World, to the 'why' behind Network Immunology and what they are doing to enhance our immune systems, to his ongoing dedication to his personal, spiritual practices and how he has been able to maintain a deeply meaningful life while also undertaking very demanding work. 

George shares openly about working on a biotech startup including his journey into the darker side of seeking after he tumbled into overwhelm. He also tells fascinating stories of encounters with strangers in strange places, where he found personal redemption and how his original, driving fear, led him to his fate. As I see it, his fate will have an impact on millions of lives as he and his Father pour their hearts and souls into their mission.

This is a highly inspiring interview with someone who exemplifies the dedication to finding one's self throughout life's ups and downs while also being very much 'in this life' as a businessman and entrepreneur. 

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