Journey Within - Insights On The Soul's Path

The podcast is getting a new name - Journey Within: Insights On The Soul's Path. 

With lots of changes - very positive ones - in my personal and professional life, I've decided to rename this podcast, and all the previous content, and spin off 'Real Wealth Real Health' into a podcast about financial empowerment, wealth building and financial health. You can sign up to get notified of when it launches, at

As a 20+ year business woman, executive, entrepreneur and investor, I have a lot to say on the topics of finance, investing, wealth-building and financial wellness. Yes, that's a real term and an important one in a day and age where more and more people (including those making 6 figures) are living paycheck to paycheck, can't get out of student loan debt, and have almost given up on the idea of owning a home. 

More than ever, we need to empower ourselves financially, take control of our material lives, while we also do our inner work. Within and without are symbiotic, in more than just the mystical ways.

In other words, empowerment from within combined with empowerment through the world we live in. Money, finances and the systems that currently uphold our society and structure are not going away. They may change, but we have to stay tethered to what it takes to succeed 'out there' just as much as what it takes to achieve that success, from 'in here'.

So, welcome to Journey Within. Same content, different name. I'll be hosting this podcast where it was previously available, and including posts and content on my website, You'll find it in the blog section. 

Where I previously was (unknowingly) splitting myself off personally and professionally, I'm now doing that with the podcasts. Ha! But, the paradox is that within, I've completely reconciled and integrated the two parts that seemed at odds: my spiritual, mystical side, and my business, financial side. 

It speaks to the integration of mind-heart, body-soul and the 'wholing' of all the multifaceted aspects of who we are. The less we label ourselves, put parts of ourselves into boxes, categories or neat little containers, the better off we'll all be! I, for one, would be bored if I could only define myself, what I do, what I think, and how I want to live, through a single path. 

Life is too interesting and too complex for that. We have so much about ourselves to explore and, within that exploration, a burst of creativity and directions to take. Let's take all of them, all at once, remembering to stay anchored to the single source of truth and power - the inner authority within. The Soul.