Nichole East - The Challenges That Wake Us Up to Meaning

Nichole is fiery, fierce, and mission-driven. In the past few years, her life's journey has led her to shift her focus to her own wellness - mental and physical. She's been on a journey to lose the weight that was hiding her true self. She's lost over 80 pounds and recently was inspired to share her personal path - struggles, swear words and all, on her Sweatin & Swearin account.

As far back as I've known her, when Nichole puts her mind to something, she goes for it and gets it. Our conversation takes us through her struggles and the challenges of losing weight, staying motivated, and also of the shifting focus - from externally-oriented career motivation to an internally-focused commitment to being healthy and happy.

We cover our parallel journeys of awakening and spirituality and the mental mind-games we play with ourselves around business, expectations, and monetization! So much good stuff!

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