Nicole Rodrigues - Hustle with a Conscience

Energy is everything!

Nicole Rodrigues epitomizes a growth mindset. Her life and career is a testament to believing in yourself, giving yourself a dream, and taking action to achieve that dream. She is "The Secret" applied to real life. And she hustles hard to be a single-mom, CEO of an award-winning boutique PR firm in LA, as well as running non-profit showing kids how to achieve their dreams.

Nicole and I discuss the importance of heart & soul, and why this matters for success. Doing the right thing, being in alignment, having integrity, and the importance of learning and planning have all been factors that Nicole uses to run her business.

She gives amazing advice about getting where you want to go; identifying your raw talent, honing your skills, learning from mentors and modeling success from others.

And she says, 'Go for it!'

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