Paulette Gloria Harwood - Gracefully Guiding Women Through Divorce

Paulette Gloria Harwood is a wise, courageous woman who has turned one of her most painful experiences into a source of strength for others.  Paulette is a certified divorce coach as well as an experienced yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, author, speaker and unshakeable essentialist!

We connected over the Goalcast video and I knew that her wisdom and heart could be helpful to so many women who are considering, or in the middle of, a divorce.  

As Paulette says, "I was completely clueless about the process heading into it ... terrified of making mistakes and bad decisions. I was very concerned about how the divorce would affect and impact my children and our relationship. I felt powerless. I was afraid about my future. Suddenly I felt alone and isolated, I had no idea who my real friends were. My friends were our friends and “would they take his side?” “Would the children blame me?” I was even distant with my family. They seemed judgmental like I should stick it out, stay together for the children’s sake. I didn’t want to be a burden to anyone and I was embarrassed to share my feelings. I wanted it all to just go away. But it didn’t… the more I stayed frozen, stuck, trapped and scared the worse it got. Somehow I made it to the other side. But boy do I wish I knew there were divorce coaches around back then. I would have jumped at the chance to work with one."

We have a wide-ranging conversation about life: how we are set up to believe we 'should' live and be a certain way. When we are young, we don't necessarily question it. But as we grow and realize that we don't 'fit the mold' - or the cup size, as she puts it in her book, Never been a 34B: When Nothing Fits, we can have a hard time navigating the dismantling of everyone's expectations and finding our true selves.

Paulette's wisdom, her heart-centered yet fierce approach to life, living and relationships is inspiring - whether you're in a bad relationship spot - or a great partnership! We talk about so many things - diving into yogic philosophy of mind and body, and life principles that can help us all live more aligned to who we truly ARE.

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