Ran Wei - Leaving the Dream and Transitioning into Purpose

Ran is a communication coach passionate about bringing uncommon people onto common ground. After leaving 'the dream' in the world of Wall Street finance to join a 'dying' tech company - Twitter - in Los Angeles, she worked in brand strategy and led Twitter Women, where she fully applied her passion for helping women, in big ways. In many ways, Ran and I have similar backgrounds, which made this conversation so fun and like a mirror across time.

Ran has an incredible perspective and clarity on effective communication. It's the basis from which she founded 'project: presence' to empower women to lead with confidence and communicate with purpose and intention in all areas of their lives.

Her optimism, high energy, and high vibes, which were looked down upon during her time in finance, are exactly the fuel that makes her so effective and successful. She owns it, stands in her power, and is a beacon to other women to be themselves, always.

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