Lunar Energies January 2019


How We End Is How We Begin

So we begin ...

With the New Moon in Capricorn and partial solar eclipse, we are still in a powerful window of lunar energy to start the year, and a strong Capricorn cycle in 2019, which is taking us on a journey further into personal mastery. 

Soul Mastery.

2018 was its own year of personal mastery, as the '11' year of enlightenment, awakening, spiritual purpose and empowerment. Though it didn't always (almost ever) feel good, we did incredibly important work in the transcendental realms. We did our inner work. And our outer world shook. 

I wrote about my year of personal mastery and as I did, I shifted. I shifted into gratitude and awe. These are the shifts we make as we bring consciousness into form.

We're beginning to shift inside out. Our inner world is becoming our outer world. Old structures that don't support our inner landscape fall away. Our inner landscape is limitless, and we're just starting to stretch into that new skin.

2019 continues the theme of 2018 but on a completely new level. Because we've been leveled. And simultaneously we've been leveled UP. We have a more solid foundation in the limitless and the formless. It's the most beautiful paradox. 

We are transmuting our own karma, which has never been done on this scale before.

We are discovering what we are truly made of, beneath the layers of identity and norms that are anything but normal.

We are anything but normal.

“One who has embodied the transmutational process and has attained true illumination—vibrationally an ascended being free from the lower-order forces that perpetuate our past patterns of behavior and our experience in the reincarnational process of soul growth, the balancing of human experience in the polarity of duality.” ~Nick Anthony Fiorenza

In 2019 we Restore. 

Restore the Soul.

Restore the rightful order where the Ego is in service to the Soul.

We know how to do the hard work. We've proven this to ourselves. So, as we move on, knowing how strong, resilient and resourced we are, we can turn our faces toward the Sun, toward the light, and toward what we want to manifest ON this Earth.

It's time to begin an alchemical, almost apprentice-like year of grounding what we've learned about our true strength and power, and making plans for how that looks and how we show up in the world, and in relation to the people in the world, especially close relations.

2019 is a year of the '3' Vibration

Mystical, magical and sacred. It is a year of creation, authentic expression, and manifestation. It is a year where we can co-create with, and in, joy. And, we can enJOY our lives. 

In sacred geometry, the three creates the triangle, which is the first and most basic shape of manifestation.

Like The Empress, the #3 card in the Tarot, we are the most radiant, opulent, decadent, abundant, joyful, creative matriarchs. Shakti Queens of the Cosmos. Sovereign Unto OurSelves and our unlimited potential. 

Of note, when you turn the triangle upside down, it is the sacred geometry of the yoni ... pushing all that shakti, creation and manifestation down and out!

So we move into form, into Earth, into the realms of power. Into the world of Capricorn and the energies we are working with during this New Moon and Eclipse, two other Capricorn eclipses this year, and a whole lot of aspects and other planetary conjunctions to Capricorn's ruling planet Saturn. 

What's the New Moon About And How to USE It:

  • Capricorn Energy this year is a call-to-action - starting with the new moon

  • Goal-oriented Capricorn will ignite more drive and ambition to live authentically and to build a future that feels right

  • Eclipse lights up a new pathway that will be helping to unfold a new storyline in our lives.

  • We won't see the full picture of that storyline just yet - so trust in Divine timing and meditate more (connect to higher Self)

  • Grounding energies into form (manifestation)

  • Recharge, dream big, aim high, and to think about your future.

  • Divine mission ~ Building our soul-inspired and soul-empowered empire 

  • Commitment to showing up for your divine mission and putting your gifts into action

  • No hesitation and no more paradigms!

  • Reframe work/career/role to contribution ~ what and how can I contribute?

  • Building our own role in accordance with what our Soul desires ~ divinely guided and connected (trust inner Self)

  • The dissolution of Established (patriarchal) order and paradigm and rules is meant to empower us in our soul's mission, which in turn allows us to build a world that is aligned with the soul and with heart-centered principles

  • A new path will become clearer and you will have the option to see where it may lead you. This may take you in a totally new direction, or it may simply give you a helping hand on the path you are already on.

Like the partial eclipse occurring with this New Moon, this year we want to remain open to not knowing everything (with the mind and what we know) and to engage the mystery of Divine Will. Invite the unknown because it’s full of potential. 

Build. Do. Be. 

Do the human thing. AND know that we don’t know it all (with our little ego-mind).

Because what we don’t know is so much more than we can imagine. 

Let your Soul show us the truth. Let it lead.

Moving from victim consciousness to empowered creator through the power of choice, in every moment. What do we choose? To repeat a pattern? Or ... to stop, notice, forgive, and end a karmic cycle? 

This is the year where we know ourselves as Alchemists

  • Alchemy needs 3 elements: what is being transmuted in original form, what emerges transmuted and the third … the alchemist! 

  • The Alchemist is the key component. 

  • We are not the energy being transmuted, we are doing the alchemy. 

  • THAT is how empowered and powerful we are. 

  • The Alchemist is the 3rd component … the component that makes the magic happen between Earth and Water.

  • As Alchemists, we transmute ~ pain, poison, karma, patterns, etc. into fuel for our growth and our enlightenment. 

As alchemists, we hold space ~ not form ~ we work with energy and our own magic bring the transmuted element into form = manifestation. 

Questions for Meditation, Self-Inquiry, Reflection, and Ritual:

  1. What are you releasing? That you are complete with, been working with, ready to let go?

  2. What are you calling in? That feels on the cusp, on the way, at arm’s length?

  3. What are you afraid to admit to, that your Soul desires? Something impossible that you may not dare even say to yourself?

Excerpt From the Oracle: Beyond The Threshold of Fear

... after so long away from home, you are finally returning! Beyond the threshold of fear, you dispense with your doubts, hesitations, cautions, and tentativeness. After so long, you are changing your relationship to fear. No more shall it hold you in its thrall. You are becoming able to observe it, to witness it and to even have compassion for it ... push and pull ... one step forward, half a step back. So it has been for so long, and you have endured. 

What a spiritual marathon you have been running! Now the end is in sight. Angels are giving you cups of sacred water as you approach the finish line. You have broken through a self-imposed barrier of fear that held you back from taking the steps you are taking, or just about to take. Fear is less convincing now. You are the witness, not the victim. Your heart has claimed the power now. 

In Closing ...

2020 is a big year that we are all working toward, so this year is about learning the skills we'll need to ground even more light through our work (inner and outer). And building our sisterhood and community around us even more closely and intimately. 

Being more open. More vulnerable. More loving. More forgiving. More empowering. Of ourselves and of each other.

We must stay the course. Our egos will try to lure us back to its old ways. We haven't completely gotten rid of the ego. It went through many deaths, but it is multi-faceted and deeply layered, and not so easily transcended, so we must stay vigilant. And BE awareness in action.

And, when we trust our true source, our Soul, stones rise up from the depths of water we are walking on at the exact moment we've let go of all hesitation and all fear and lift our foot to take that next step.

May every step you take, be blessed with the truth of your Soul. May every step we take collectively, bless our unfurling into unconditional love.
— AdaPia

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