Lunar Energies March 2019


Revisiting Our Limitless Nature

With the March New Moon in Pisces and Mercury Retrograde - also in Pisces, we're diving into the deep soul waters of Pisces - our spiritual nature, our connection to Source, and the trust in our depths. ⁣Revisiting, revising, reviewing, reliving, re-experiencing, re-examining … all the “RE’s” are the realm of Mercury REtrograde along with a noticeable change of pace and clarity in our communications …

The words are slow to flow,
like a trickle from a rusty faucet,
dropping into the inky darkness below.

Mercury's retrograde through Pisces, which begins March 5th, asks us to turn within - to go under - into the limitless ocean of Pisces' consciousness. Infinite. Unfathomable. Eternal.

We are revisiting, reviewing, and remembering the path we've taken to get here. Offering respite from the waves ~ perhaps stormy ~ upon the surface. Diving deep, we are like mermaids, navigating with our emotions and our ethereal connection to the source of our creativity. Our creative force.

Yet, we cannot force change. We can only navigate it. We seek growth and evolution. Both are initiated and accompanied by change. There is no other way.

What is complete must be returned to the limitless realms, and what is entering ~ what we are becoming ~ is rising from the same depths. This is the only way.

We're Floating and We're Flying

We've already jumped, though our minds may not fully understand it. Our souls do. We're already there. It may take time for our bodies and even our outward actions to catch up, but the decision has already been enacted. Whatever the scenario or situation that has been developing, you have already completed the journey.

There is no turning back. And you know you don't want to.

That's why we're feeling simultaneously excited and somewhat sad. It's not a paradox, it's the level of connection we've already reached. And we've only just touched the surface. This month, we go deep. Letting go hasn't been easy. But, we're mastering it. We tend to hold onto our narratives for comfort or for solace, but the words are dissolving, letter by letter, so that the true and full picture of our purpose is ready to emerge.

"We exit the month of February with lots of bits and pieces on our plate. Some are clear, some make no sense, some fit the puzzle, some don’t, some have come out of the blue creating sudden change, and some feel like road blockswith no clear solution……yet. There will be those who begin this month in a slight state of overwhelm and anxiety. Others will be excited about the possibilities and ready to launch into that next step. A lot was put into motion last month and some of it is just beginning to manifest. The “next step” is on everyone’s mind." ~ Lena Stevens, The Power Path

The Mercury Retrograde transit will cover the tracks of Chiron in Pisces from 2015 to 2019, and this helps heal where we previously felt lost, discouraged, or powerless.  We're releasing a huge Soul lesson, which is Chiron's domain. Take the necessary time for reflection. That's what Mercury Retrograde is for. It is a gift, not a curse. 

Most importantly, stay open-minded and don't jump to conclusions. The lessons won't be clear for a few weeks. 

We are the masterminds of our own undoing

We honor our bravery, our resolve, and our resilience as we successfully navigated the oldest fears, patterns and lower-self aspects of our psyche. We actively integrated those lost, shadowy, ageless pieces, diminishing their hold on our ability to manifest in the present moment. And for everything that's unfolding.

If it felt uncomfortable, you did the work.
If you felt fear, you did the work.
If you are still standing, you did the work.

"In the final days of February we have taken tours through what is being laid to rest, everything it took to get here, and what we want to live and manifest. Now. We have surely had glimpses of what is initiating, and will build, in March. Whether we're reviewing square one or all our dreams are coming true, it will serve to make full use of the final moment of deepening into both sides of self, bringing our lesser-known half into the light and up to speed with our highest potentials." ~ Ceres Andromeda

The New Moon in Pisces

This new moon (on March 6th) has many beautiful qualities thanks to the Sun/Moon conjunction to Neptune (the 'ruler' of Pisces) that invite us to deepen our relationship with our spiritual nature. We may be surprised at the depth of our meditation, contemplative practices, art, and creative endeavors. Whatever facilitates that transcendent state will amplify our channel to our Higher Self.

"Here is where we are invited like the pull of the oceans upon us to seek beyond our small self and become one with our greater Self – our essence always available, always there to guide us.  Neptune/Pisces’ realms are the spiritual realms where we learn the value of surrender and unconditional love, and we honor and respect all of the signs as equally necessary to make up the zodiac wheel and human experience." ~ Pat Liles, The Power Path

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. It contains All That Is. It is the limitless realm, the home of our spiritual nature. It connects us to the final journey and therefore teaches us to surrender. And to Trust. There's a method to the madness ~ because it's not madness, it's evolution. With all the intense purging, clearing, and releasing of the past year or more, this New Moon is an opportunity to release even more. In a newly empowered way.

All that stuff that came up in those last days of February? All the realizations of the last lunar cycle? All the unfinished business from 2018? All the random feelings about something you had long-ago forgotten about? All of that is what we get to release.

Because without the release, we cannot receive.

"We don’t have time to lose ourselves in random thoughts and mindless spinning of distractions or interference.  When surfing in the infinite ocean, the mind must be open, clear, and receptive to every divine communication that flows through the water. Intuitive, at one with the formless nature of water, we can allow the ocean to deliver us to a new experience of enlightenment, clarity, and revelation." ~ Christine Clemmer

At this New Moon we are:

  • releasing something that we’ve already been working on. Something big and meaningful. A Soul lesson.

  • opening to more spiritual gifts and abilities.

  • dreaming big; the biggest dreams; the limitless ones fueled by our innate creativity.

  • more sensitive to, and appreciative of, art, music, emotions, love.

  • giving ourselves permission to live outside internalized constructs and in greater alignment with our innermost Authentic Being.

  • encouraged to meditate more on our Divine mission.

  • releasing one aspect of our reality so new energies can flow in for greater support and trust in life going forward. 

  • consciously examining where we hold expectations, attachments, or resistance to the natural movements of life. 

"Throughout March, we have the support to release soul contracts with others, as well as soul contracts with ourselves, that have served their full purpose. The Pisces New Moon ... allows us to open up to higher spiritual wisdom around what we've been clearing and completing over the past year. The Pisces planets are supported by Saturn in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus, adding strength, fortitude, and mastery to what has been obtained through those experiences." ~ Molly McCord

Even though we spend a few more weeks in the limitless waters of Pisces: the unknown, the unseen and the wordless, we will be activating some sparks fire. Underwater. We’ve been questioning our intentions and we’ve been purging our ego. Take this opportunity to slow down and reflect on what we’ve been releasing, what we purged, and what was cleaned and to trust that we have purified and dignified our intentions.

Our intentions are from the heart. We know this and now we can see it over these next few weeks. So that when the fire starts with Aries in the Spring (March 20/21), we can immediately move forward with soul certainty and with clarity that trusts that all actions are coming from an elevated heart. The heart is more than our center. It is our new root chakra.

Though Pisces Is Limitless, Your Attention Isn't

There is so much more I want to say. There is so much going on. There is so much more to explain! The Pisces realms seem to be the only ones that can hold it all. But I believe our hearts can, too. So, forget the words. Don't dwell on the meanings.

Focus on your heart.
All the answers are, and always have been, there. 
When in doubt, close your eyes, and ask for guidance.
When in fear, stop - and breathe. Then, breathe again.
When in anxiety, release the thought and the emotion. Let it shift you.

Trust yourself, is all. Trust the process. Trust your intentions. Trust your path. Trust that you already have all the answers. And, if you want some questions, perhaps inquire into:

  • What came up in February that felt very old (like an old part of me/old self/old pattern/old behavior)?

  • What story or narrative ~ something that I use to define myself ~ am I holding onto, that doesn't feel right anymore?

  • What is the most exciting and creative thing I almost don't dare to envision or imagine doing?

  • What gifts, abilities, skills, and talents do I feel within me, but I haven't allowed to emerge?

  • In what area of my life can I more fully surrender to the Divine/Higher Self/Source?

  • What new energy do I want to anchor?

We're already in the 3 month of the 3 year. Manifestation, creativity, artistry, abundance ~ amplified by our heartfelt intentions. The most incredible insight is that we can't get anything wrong. We just can't. It's part of the process. No matter where we are, we're exactly where we're supposed to be. 

I leave you with this channeled message by Jan Finley:

The president, the predominant symbol of the Patriarchy, wants to build a Wall. This wall to keep “undesirables out” has become his obsession. The Mother watches with amusement for she knows that She and her sisters are here to tear walls down. All walls will go: walls within our psyches, walls around out secrets and hidden sins, walls around our borders. The time of Union is upon us. The Divine Feminine is re-membered once again. Her archetypes stand at the ready and have already moved mountains. Inexorably, she confronts and exposes the Patriarchy. The toxic masculine element resists its dismantling but She will prevail. Balance will be restored on Earth. The Mother has allowed him the opportunity to grow and change but now her patience is exhausted. It is time to set her house in order and She will see it done. Buckle up.

In the waters of our limitless nature, there are no walls.

There are no boundaries.

There are no 'others'.

There are no fears.

May we continue to tear down the inner walls that keep our truth, our power, and our unconditionally loving selves hidden from consciousness. May we hold space for ourselves and others as we do the most important work of our lives, for the good of all. 
— AdaPia

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