Lunar Energies April 2019


Sayonara, Karma. We've Made Space For Joy!

The new moon is a time of expressing a new theme that is evolving for the next 28 days. It's a time to be open to what wants to emerge, as well as to what needs to be released.

We're constantly changing, shedding, growing and evolving.  The more we unravel patterns, conditioning, and restricting concepts, the more we open to receive the subtle messages that guide us to our highest expression, when acted upon consciously. 

It's in the subtle messages, impressions, and energies that we find the source of our true nature and our innate magic.

This month, we look forward, not back.

We've reached an ending or completion of karmic heaviness.

We're initiating a period of joy, lightness, and brightness.

We're welcoming ourselves home with optimistic curiosity and confidence.

We've attained a level where we can stop becoming and begin BEING.  

We're feeling this turn of the wheel ~ a new season: Spring and the beginning of the astrological year in Aries. April is a turning point. We’ve turned the corner. I daresay it feels like a new beginning. Again. And again. And again. 

How many times can we begin? 

As many as necessary, because there is neither a beginning nor an ending. It's all a series of micro-movements in our evolution from unconscious patterning and programming to fully embodied, divine sparks of consciousness.

How fun does that sound?!I think it sounds fab. And the more this journey unfolds, the more certain I am that clarity is what I seek, not certainty. 

This has been especially true for those who recently experienced any activations of old stories, patterns, or behaviors that we thought were complete. Our minds thought so, but our physical and emotional bodies knew there was still more to unearth. One final, heavy sigh ... of relief. 

The Equinox and Full Moon activated deeper healing of core wounds and opportunities for releasing past entanglements. It shook loose more density for clearing.

With Mercury retrograde through Pisces for most of March, our psyche was processing the deepest emotional lessons. For a lesson to be complete, it needs to reach the end; the critical degree. It's not the end that we (our egos) want, i.e. one and done ... The end, when dealing with clearing out core wounds, lower frequencies, and difficult emotions, can often bring the most intense, dire, and dramatic situations into our lives.

Though asking "why" can often spin us into mental narratives of justification or blame, we can find solace in knowing that there is a bigger "why"; a cosmic why and that is that everything has a purpose on our evolutionary path.

But still, why the extra drama?

Why the extremes?

Why revisit what we want to be done with?! 

Because we ~ at the level of a psyche integrating Soul ~ have to be sure, down to the very core, that we are ready to release it. The ego, fearful little creature, lives in fear, defensiveness, and small boxes of pre-determined patterns. Those old patterns have held our consciousness hostage for so long and in so many ways that they cannot be dismantled in one shot; they must be taken apart piece by piece. 

The 'taking apart' also is simultaneously a building up of our awareness, understanding, and consciousness.

It is a necessary part of the path. Part of our path of 'surrender' is to TRUST this. To feel it. To experience it. To live it. And to hold that FAITH in our hearts as we transition. 

April is for Integration ~ And Self Nurturing

We can find solace in the feeling that we've turned a corner and new energies are afoot! Can you feel the shift?!

We're integrating the energies and experiences of March (and beyond). This feels like a most welcome ray of warmth; of respite and regeneration.

Extra care, nurturing, and our favorite self-love practices will be welcomed by our bodies. We've made space for more of our essence ~ our light ~ to inhabit our body, so it needs so time, rest and replenishment as it adjusts.

We're already taking that light out into the world with every interaction, choice, decision, and action. We're in a place where alignment has combined with intention from our highest self, which is the Soul, merging with our physical body ... because we’ve made space for it. Now the purge makes sense…

We cannot embody light if we're stuffed with repressed sorrow, anger, hatred, judgment, jealousy, fear or despair.

This is an exciting time to play with the light and the lightness that we are feeling and to share it with others. We're shifting out of the drudgery of 'healing' and into revealing (our light and our love). We're shifting out of acting from our wounds to expressing our true identity. We’ve retrieved fragments and fractals of our selves, becoming whole.

Now, in wholeness, we unveil ourselves, layer by stellar, spectacular, layer. Imagine something ... the best thing ever that you want to slowly examine and take apart - not to destroy, but to explore, savor and revel in its discovery. That is what’s up for grabs right now. That is what is available for us to allow and to activate.

It's time for joy.

It's time to bring in the joy we've been wishing for, or perhaps pushing away. We're complete with heaviness. It's time to honor what's been released.

Thank the darkness, the purging, and the lessons. Sayonara, Karma. With love and gratitude, of course.

The "past" few months, years, or even this lifetime . … have been about passing through the eye of the needle. The eye of a cosmic needle where only the core truth of who we are (Who I AM) could pass through. But, to what? What's on the other side? We find ourselves in new territory.

Perhaps we were expecting a new horizon. Instead, where we find ourselves in the horizon.

It's not out there, at any meager or meaningful distance.

We're in it.

We are it. 

It's time to fully embody what it means to LOVE ourselves. Self-love, realized. As our divinity births forth and we move deeper and deeper into embodiment our practices will be beautifying, nurturing, nourishing the physicality in new ways.We want to be more of ourselves. This process and this life is an adventure we want to participate in. Why else would we be here?! 

April: New Moon In Aries 

  • The spark of creation ~ unencumbered

  • Fire Up and Restart!

  • Going for it; not being held back in any way

  • Feel free to choose destiny and direction

  • Fresh start - building energy

  • Set yourself free!

  • Positive transformation

  • Decisions and movement (take initiative)

  • Who am I (if I am not my past programming)? 

  • Clarity and choice of being mySelf


Where are we going next?

Let's close our eyes, feel into our hearts, take a bold step, and find out. 

All kinds of new possibilities are flooding the World right now. Everything changes from here with a conscious choice. We’re transitioning and transforming at the speed of light and transcending time.

When you find stillness, perspective shifts out to see that entire paradigms and belief systems are disintegrating right before our eyes. We’re living in what can feel like a time warp but it’s actually the embodiment of timelessness. 

What beliefs, paradigms, or entire thought constructs have you been working with and/or dismantling - right before your eyes - in your mind’s eye AND seeing/experiencing your life changing/manifesting?

We're feeling confident in our journey. We've paid our dues and it’s time now to be free. It's time to make that decision, and move on.

We're hearing, "It’s time now for me to focus on my own Self; the inner Self, higher self, God Self, Soul. It’s time for me to know, who I AM. It’s time for me to take the most important journey I could ever take. It’s time for me to take the journey of Self-exploration; to go within and to find the multidimensionality of MY being."

We can see the paradigms/systems/thought structures with our inner sight, which means we can exercise the mightest power we possess: the power of choice and to choose what to believe. We can make that choice ~ and any choice ~ consciously, with intention.

Chiron in Aries, quickly

Though this is a seven-year transit that only just began in mid-February, it can best be summarized as a time when we will be revealing who we are, to ourselves. We will learn what it means to be an individual; my individual, and how to best take care of that individual and his/her/my needs. 

When the structures, systems, institutions, relationships, etc. are clearly no longer able to take care of 'me', then who's left, but me?

How empowering then to learn that I AM responsible for my own success, happiness, and fulfillment!

Therefore, where I choose to place my attention and energy ~ outside of me ~ is made by my deliberate and free choice and free will! I choose myself. Then, I choose you.

  • What could be more loving than loving yourSelf by choice?

  • What could be more loving than loving someone else by choice? 

Chiron, having transited through Pisces for 8 years, has brought us to the Aries shore of individuation and self-actualization. We are individuals anchored (so to speak) in the limitless realms of complete non-structure, which is paradoxically everything that holds us together. This is what is meant by our individual ‘truth’ … we get to answer, WHO AM I? 

We get to play with new dimensions of questions:

  • How do I distinguish myself?

  • How do I differentiate myself?

  • … within Unity Consciousness?

  • If I am not held responsible (obligated/expected) to take care of anyone else, can I take care of myself?

  • What does taking care of myself mean?

  • What does taking care of myself first mean in relation to others?

  • How does that dynamic evolve?

  • Do I evolve to freely share my love or do I sink deeper into lack/scarcity?

  • Do I evolve to LOVE/abundance or devolve to FEAR/lack?

This evolution of our consciousness is a vibration of rising upwards through several segments of our human experience while being open to changes of direction – and this deep TRUST in the adventure ultimately allows us the FREEDOM to explore without knowing our destination!

The adventure is one of seeking Self, empowering Self, and dis-identifying while re-identifying with new, Soul level values. We are building the spiritual foundation of total and complete trust in our true nature; our truth of being. As we move into our light, we mature into its strength. We anchor into its power, and we exercise that power consciously, from the heart. We can transmute energy with an intention. And, reflection. 

Reflections & Contemplation

We've cleared, we've released, we've made room! We've created space! Below is an array of questions for reflection and contemplation. As always, work with what resonates and set your intentions accordingly. These questions could be used in meditation, journaling or any other form of contemplation that serves your Soul.

Energy is never lost. It is transformed. So, into what do you desire to transform this incredible energy now on tap?

What do we intend to accomplish with the leftover space/energy/power from what we’ve released once and for all (the karma)? What do we intend to do (through the function of being) with our integrated consciousness?

Every thought, every belief, everything we’ve ever been told is up for re-interpretation … we are empowered to choose whether any of it is good for us, or whether it has served its purpose in awakening us and can be discarded. 

What do we intend to activate with the energies and cosmic alignments showing us that we have the power of CHOICE in absolutely everything?

What if we were only responsible for ourselves? Can we transcend the ego concept of selfishness? What if our only ‘job’ and dharma was to fully understand ourSelf FIRST and then understand ourselves in relation to others? 

What do we intend to create ~ from the position of heart-centered-Self ~ knowing, trusting innately that whatever that IS, it is inherently also in service to the collective?

In closing, this is a Soul Adventure! 

So let's shift to the JOY of it. We’re DONE with the ‘heavy healing’ (Chiron in Pisces). Time to lighten up and to FIRE up (Aries).  It is time to remember who we authentically are... outside of the limitations that ego, society & humanity have placed upon each of us.

May we all embrace the shift. May we all intentionally direct our energies, express our love and nurture ourselves. 
— AdaPia

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