Lunar Energies February 2019

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The Seeds of Vision are Stirring

Today is the Aquarius New Moon. Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig. A few days ago was the cross-quarter festival, Imbolc. And, Groundhog day. We’ve been through a portal of two eclipses in January. We’re stepping onto new ground now. In fact, we’re shaking up that ground with every step we take.

With the energies of the year already at electric levels, we’re on edge. We’re on the edge of our own greatness. If we allow ourselves to go over the precipice. If we look around we can see others - our tribe, our community - right there with us. We’re in this together

When we come together we connect ~ and set in motion energies that, when combined, are far more powerful than the sum of their individual parts. Yet, it is the glorious individual, unique, signature that is seeking its expression through energy and form. Across time and space.

As within, so without.

We have evolved to understand that we seek both to express our individuality and make a contribution to the collective. Thus, we are always, as light beings, aligned to the Aquarian ideal of higher vision, community, and humanitarian efforts. We are always connected to our Higher Mind.

As above, so below.

The energies of the New Moon, of February, and of this time of year are calling us to awaken and to emerge. This month may feel more like the new year than last month. In February we celebrate Imbolc (Feb 1st) and the Goddess Brigid of Irish Celtic lore. 

Brigid is a powerful patroness of healing arts, fertility, poetry, music, prophecy, agriculture, and smithcraft. She is the exalted one, a solar goddess whose ancient name means fiery power or fiery arrow. She teaches us to nurture the seeds of healing and new growth during the dark winter days.  Brigid is also the keeper of the well with ties to the water element. The well is sacred because it stems from the womb of the earth.

We can call on Brigid to support our divine emergence, through the ice and snow, through the cycle of darkness and into the light.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the cycle of the year when the first stirrings of Spring begin. When the seeds, still below ground, still under snow and ice, begin to activate. For most, we can't see it yet. It is not manifest, it is still in the darkness below.

But, we can sense it. Because we feel those seeds stirring now. There is a quickening. These are the seeds of our Soul's mission, planted and programmed to awaken at the right time for our evolution. The kundalini rises. 

We know we have a mission.
We know our life is purposeful.
We know our life is Divine.

The January eclipses have caused a sense of being disrupted, shocked, adrift, confused or lost. The year of great manifestation didn't begin gently. It had unfinished 2018 business of clearing, purging, and cleaning. We have more lessons to anchor, to ensure we are rooted into our core and into our truth. To ensure that our roots run so deep that nothing will shake us loose from our Souls. To ensure our well runs so deep we understand it is limitless. 

Disruption always precedes awakening.

Chaos and turmoil precede order and innovation. We cannot escape the cycles of creation, so we may as well get comfortable with riding the waves. Playing in them. Being them.

What would it feel like to allow the waves to wash over us? Or through us? What would happen if we softened rather than defaulted to a rigid stance of 'bracing ourselves'? How deeply can we trust that we will simply be washed ~ not washed away? That we will emerge like a Mermaiden out of the great ocean of the limitless realms to honor our divine purpose?

How does it feel to thrive in both realms? The realm of dissolution and infinite creation, and the realm of structure and form ~ bringing to life the seeds that were conceived in the cosmic ocean?

New Moon in Aquarius
February 4th at 1:03 pm PT

This elegant, poetic, creative, and expansive New Moon in Aquarius is asking us to root into the seeds of vision and purpose within and, simultaneously, to look UP for guidance from the higher realms and higher mind ~ Uranus, the Great Awakener, our symbolic higher mind. 

The New Moon is asking us to embrace creativity ~ the messiness of it, the chaos of it, the emotion of it. It is asking us to BE IN IT while giving up control of what it will look like ... our lower mind only knows what it knows; it only knows the past. It is asking us to play with it, to be in the flow, to throw paint at our perfectly manicured canvas. To allow a masterpiece to emerge in the most unexpected ways. 

"Our soul’s promise, that original seed, is awakening, and the physical deconstruction is catapulting us at lightning speed.  There’s nothing to force or figure out, simply allow the unraveling and the clarity that’s emerging."~Christine Clemmer

Our higher mind, the higher octave, the unexplored, the undiscovered, is asking us to relinquish control; to hand over our dreams to its higher vision. To live withe ease and easefulness. To trust that the oak tree, whose DNA, blueprint, and destiny, which is contained in the acorn of our life, will emerge, grow and stand tall in its magnificence. As it was always meant to. As it is already, now.

Now, we enter a new growth phase. We reach for even higher realms. We reach for unmanifest, unimaginable visions. 

We are being asked to paradoxically focus with intent on the biggest vision we wish to manifest and to do so through the portal of the higher mind which, in itself, is the portal to the unknown and the unmanifest. Can we trust ourselves to manifest this vision without seeing it?  Rather, can we activate our deepest intentions, from the heart, and trust they will be made manifest?
We can, and we must.

New Moon Keywords & Themes:

  • Positive

  • Optimistic

  • Activation

  • Ignition

  • Revolution & Evolution

  • Embrace (who you are now) & where you are going next

  • Fire (Imbolc fire festival)

  • Spark

  • Moving ahead (quantum push)

  • The Future Is NOW

  • Picking up the pace

  • Unique cosmic brilliance

  • Infinite possibilities

February is a 14/5 month and lends its energies to the clarity, intentions, unmanifest vision, and creative expression of our divine purpose. Fourteen is the number of communication and messages and Five is the number of personal freedom, change, excitement, and fun. With these energies we are asked to use our voices (5th chakra), to come out of hiding, to transform through expansion (like the seed), and to step into what we cannot see ~ a brand new horizon.

In the cards, from the Thoth deck, pulled for Friday's ceremony, we had The Fool, The Lovers and Adjustment overcoming the card of 'Defeat' - the five of swords. Alastair Crowley's intense and incredible study of the tarot gifts us insights into the meaning of the cards:

The Fool is ~ an original, sudden impulse or impact, coming from a completely strange quarter. All such impulses are right, if rightly received. To allow adjustment, which is Nature's law of justice (not the mind's version) ~ balance against each thought its exact opposite. For the Marriage of these is the Annihilation of Illusion. Suspension of all action pending decision.


Working With the Lunation

This lunation is about moving our life forward with the ultimate trust in Divine timing and plan. It is about activating the seeds of our Divine purpose that have lain dormant. It is an invitation into the self-inquiry of understanding who we are now and understanding what matters to us now. It is an activation of more of our soul purpose and what truly matters in this lifetime. 

We must continue to move forward through any stuck-ness. Raise our vibrational resonance to a higher frequency. Embrace a new route to manifestation. Express in a way we haven't expressed before. Breakthrough any and every category (limitation) and to release whatever is holding us back (lower mind). Move into the higher mind.

In order to move into this higher octave of being, we must release more than just control. We must release conditioning, thought-patterns and limiting beliefs. We must challenge and question any 'truth' that is no longer for our highest good. We must 'think a different thought' ~ pull that thought down from our higher mind and rewire our brains!

"This New Moon and lunar cycle also impel us to trust in the serendipity of life. This requires we surrender the pre-occupations of the reasoning mind, those of worry and our need to define and control, of what we "think" we "should" be doing. It instead requires us to be attentive to and trust any subtle impulses we may feel at any given moment—to move with the transcendent intelligence that permeates and fluidly guides our lives. Here lies the art of getting out of our own way to allow creative solutions that lead us from the conforming bounds of the limited mind."  ~ Nick Anthony Fiorenza

Questions For Self-Inquiry & Reflection

  • What thought or belief can I release now?

  • What new ideas or new aspects of Self do I want to birth?

  • What do I feel stirring beneath the Earth, like a seed being activated within me?

  • What is my individual contribution to the collective?

Sitting in meditation or contemplation, allow your higher self to bring forward a vision. It’s not something you've already thought of. Allow Uranus, the higher mind, to bring it down and, without needing to mentally understand it, allow that seed to awaken. It’s always been there. It’s been waiting. Waiting for this day, this moment, this Spring, this spark. Like a bulb pushing through the Earth, this is a cosmic bulb of your Soul’s divine purpose. 

Something is stirring. Something you're meant to commit to. You're meant to believe that you are the person to do it and to believe that you're capable of it.  What is asking to be spoken - voiced - without fear or shame? Your biggest, brightest vision! 

Don’t hold back. 

Intend it.

Say it.

State it.

And, SO IT IS!

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