Lunar Energies May 2019

Thunderstorm lunar energy


Polarities may seem defined and immovable, but as we evolve, we begin to assimilate and integrate seeming opposites into a coherent union. We are in this time, now. We're integrating, 'As above, so below.' 

When we attune to the lunar energies and the natural cycles of time our perceptions expand and bodies respond ~ breathing soft sighs of release and remembrance.

Something feels right. Recognition awakens cognition.  

Cognition is defined as “the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.”

We are, and always have been, operating beyond the limited perspective of solely analytical and rational functions; we perceive, learn and comprehend using the whole brain and the entire body.

Our senses are multifaceted and our intelligence is multidimensional.

We are consciously accessing and working with all our 'bodies': the energy body, emotional body, and wisdom body. We’re lighting up dimensionally. What we are … is beyond our comprehension … it is innate, aware, and essential. It is vital.

Vitality. Life. Spring. Earth. Abundance.

We’re in the realms of Taurus, representing our physicality, the material plane, and Earth; stable, tangible, and abundant, and it’s ruler, Venus; of beauty, love, passion and the senses. 

  • We celebrate the Mother in all her forms ~ Human, Divine, and planetary ~ Gaia, Mother Nature.

  • We celebrate our body ~ our divine form on Earth and the container of our spiritual essence.

  • We celebrate embodiment ~ physicality and higher mind joined in sacred union, manifesting our soul's purpose.

  • We celebrate waxing light and the cross-quarter day of Beltane ~ May 1st marks the midway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice.

We have six weeks of increasing light (in the Northern Hemisphere) and, when harnessed intentionally, the same waxing energy can be directed in our own lives to grow what we desire - with focus, commitment, and heart-driven action.

Fertility, abundance, sensuality, light and warmth, sacred marriage, the blossoming of flowers and crops, passion and joy are associated with Beltane and the month of May. Yet, we’re on edge.

New Moon in Taurus

This lunation began May 4th with the New Moon in Taurus, and it comes with a twist: Uranus, the planet of disruption and awakening, moved into Taurus in March and will remain there for the next 7 years.

Given that Uranus changes signs only every 7 years, major shifts take place when he changes signs. These shifts are felt on both a personal and global level. Though the "ice giant", Uranus' symbol is lightning. It is the Great Awakener. And Soul Shaker.

“Uranus’ archetype makes us aware of the unconscious nature of our outdated ideas and beliefs, and brings them to our attention. His energies shake us loose from misaligned attachments by showing us the Truth. Uranus is the conduit for whatever experience we need in the moment, to take us to the next level of our own consciousness.” ~Stephanie Azaria

We’ll need to get comfortable with instability or, at the very least, learn to work with it, rather than resist it. Uranus in Taurus is shaking up of the systems that give us a (false) sense of security, both external and internal. It is providing breakthroughs in consciousness and form.

If this new moon doesn’t feel as grounded as we’d expect, we're feeling the influence of Uranus asking us - not always subtly - to re-evaluate Taurean aspects of structure and stability, what we value including how we value ourselves, and how we relate to the material world - from the things we use, to the way we walk - and care for - this Earth. Lest we forget, we are her keepers and stewards.

The Great Mother hasn't forgotten; we’ve been neglecting her for too long. With Uranus, the mythological Father of the Heavens, in the sign of his lover, Gaia ~ ruled by Love, our relationship to Earth, to each other, and to our own bodies must be tended to. Urgently. 

We must establish a new foundation built with, through and as love. For all intents and purposes, we are children of Gaia and children of the heavens. We yearn for joy, yet we stumble on fear and frustration.

Our Soul’s natural attunement is to joy.

Our body’s natural rhythm is joy.

Yet, it’s hard to BE in and to (en)joy when we sense so much suffering all around us.

Our Planet is suffering.

The plants, the animals, the environment, and the soil that sustains us are depleted and dying.

Our Bodies are suffering.

We struggle to nourish and nurture our own temples as they crack under the weight of toxins, pain, and anxiety.

Our Humanity is suffering.

The disconnection, discontent, and disregard for each other are exacerbated by apathy and blame.

More than ever, we must bring ourselves into wholeness; to feel into our bodies, see the beauty within ourselves and others, and live in alignment with our hearts ~ practicing compassion and forgiveness.

It’s time to ground Spirit into form and bring Heaven into Earth, into our hearts, and into our lives.  

Heaven's Messengers

In flashes of unexpected remembrance, we are reminded of why we came, as Souls. We came for this moment of awakening. Of a lightning strike of divine remembrance.

Our role is to create Heaven on Earth and to anchor unconditional love on this Planet. We do this by being in our bodies and present in our lives. We do this by transcending the mind and the karmic stories of suffering. We do this by accepting all that we are experiencing, and becoming aware of everything and everyone that we impact.

We cannot afford to wait for someone else to appoint us a role. Our experiences teach us the lessons and impart the gifts needed to remember, first for ourselves, and then, to spark remembrance in others. Our purpose is in our crystalline DNA. 

“There is one major difference in the role of Heaven’s messengers, which sets them off from those the world appoints. The messages that they deliver are intended first for them. And it is only as they can accept them for themselves that they become able to bring them further and to give them everywhere that they were meant to be. Like earthly messengers, they did not write the messages they bear, but they become their first receivers in the truest sense, receiving to prepare themselves to give.” ~Unknown 

We’ve crossed into new territory and integrated new consciousness after April’s energies and events. We are aware that everything matters - the seed of an intention, the impact of an impassioned plea, the fragility of forms we deem sacred, and the impossible immensity of nothingness.

Speaking of Immensity …

Can we agree to stop playing small?
To dream bigger, to risk bigger, and to BE bigger! 
Can we decide to take up more space?! 
To stand our ground, with our mind rooted in our heart!
Can we choose to make an impact that benefits the community?
To be in service to the collective and to the Planet!

When we go within and ask our soul, ‘Who am I?”, the answer is never going to be the label, box, title, role or construct that we’ve been told (and believed) ‘is so’. No matter how grandiose it may sound, no such definition touches on who we truly are or what we are capable of. 

The real question is: what does bigger mean to you? 

We have a tangible metaphor to work with - the black hole. Not just any black hole, rather, a supergiant in a galaxy in the constellation of Virgo. On April 10th, for the first time in human history, we directly imaged a black hole - through the aptly named Event Horizon Telescope.

We can see a black hole. We can see what we thought was unseeable. Its 200 billion times the mass of our sun. Our perception - and our consciousness - have been expanded beyond any comprehensible grasp of size, dimension, and space. 

But what does this mean? How does it relate to us and our daily lives? To find the answer, contemplate the black hole as it relates to your personal concept of bigger and of your purpose in life. 

In cosmic consciousness, the black hole represents our highest consciousness. It is Source; a creator from which everything springs forth. The creative source and force within each and every one of us. With the image of the black hole, we are, perhaps, looking at a picture of consciousness.

Since our outer reality is a reflection of our inner world, how does it feel to look into the ‘eye’ of Source/Creation and to know that creation is not ‘out there’, but in each of us?! If we have that kind of power, we also must hold ourselves accountable to a higher responsibility … as true Creators in our own right. 

"When we stand on our New Foundations of Self and Let the Light flow through, we realize our emerging strength: that we are strong enough to birth something utterly fantastic, miraculous, new...  along with the Soul satisfaction of knowing we are doing exactly what we came here to do." ~ Ceres Andromeda

Theories don’t matter. Our actions do.

We didn’t come here to postulate.

We came here to experience, to create and to initiate change.

Working With This Lunation

Come back. Let's ground back into our bodies and back into our hearts. Let's bring back the consciousness, breakthroughs, and awareness of our innate power, influence, and impact. Our dreams and purpose are unfathomable, yet accessible - with intention.  

Whatever we focus on, we give life to.

This lunation is calling us to work with our physical body and all things material, especially how we express ourselves in form. It's vital that we take care of our bodies because they are doing a lot of heavy lifting as we release energetic density and become more embodied. 

Releasing limitation and reclaiming our sovereignty is an ongoing theme. We're regenerating. Remembering who we are isn’t accomplished in a single cycle, nor with the mind. We awaken through the body and by feeling our emotions. Therefore, self-care, nurturing and loving ourselves are daily and lifelong practices. 

We awaken vitality, body wisdom, and passion for life.

In May, we're supported by the numbers 8 - infinity and the effort required to manifest our visions, and 17 - immortality and our divine path; our soul's destiny. In tarot, the number 17 is The Star card: 

"Renewed hope and faith, and a sense that you are truly blessed by the Universe ... find or rediscover a sense of meaning, inspiration, or purpose in your life. You are making some significant changes in your life, transforming yourself from the old you to the new you and, in doing so, you are bringing about a fresh perspective." ~ Biddy

We came to this life to transcend the karma, the stories, and the patterns. We know they don’t fit and we know they are not ours. We're shedding the skin of our past and stepping into the fires of alchemical transmutation. In this, rebirth is revealed. This desire is an innate response encoded in the depths of our being. Our North Star is in our hearts.

As we become more aware of our process of growth, we become aware of a new sense of stability that comes from within. We reflect on how we value stability and form, how we value worth and abundance, and how we value ourselves and our sense of worthiness, of deserving love and abundance.

The foundations of Self value and worth become completely internal as we integrate more light into our being. 

Questions For Self-Inquiry & Reflection

  • What do you value? What does worth mean? What is your sense of self-worth and value?

  • What are you growing? How can you bring your creations into form? 

  • How can you create a foundation of self-love from which to manifest your desires?

  • To what or to whom do you dedicate and devote your attention?

  • What are some tangible goals for bringing enjoyment through the body and to bring more beauty into your life?  

  • How can you express more joy, passion, and sensuality in your life and with others?

  • Light is life. Shine your light. How can you shine your light to bring your dreams into bloom?

  • How can you see yourself as a process ~ like a blooming flower?

  • What does beauty mean to you? What does inner beauty look like or feel like?

  • How can you flow freely in creation while finding stability within?

  • What, in you, is creating the reality you are experiencing? Where is this place within, and how can you access and work with it? 

  • What wishes to be integrated, in divine union, within you?

  • Are your dreams, goals, and manifestations in service? Do they benefit others? Are they rooted in trust and abundance?

Grow & Manifest in Gratitude

With gratitude and abundance, call in creativity, fertility, and manifestation. Express gratitude for all that you have and receive the abundance you are offered. Honor your 'havingness' and abundance. Honor your worth and your value. Send love and gratitude to your body ~ beautiful, strong, resilient, and Mother Earth, Gaia, Pachamama for all her gifts and her support of our lives. 

Honor your visions. Honor your process. Bring your dreams down from the Heavens - the Cosmos - the Galaxy and make them real, tangible, physical on Earth, and for Earth and everyone and everything that lives alongside us.

Raise the bar; seek higher, initiate bigger, and actively pursue your visions and dreams. Claim your power and place in the physical world and express the fullness of who we are, openly in the world. Create, manifest, and actualize something that will leave a lasting impact on your life and the lives of others.  

May we all breakthrough to the remembrance that we are Heaven’s Messengers ~ We are the transition team of new humanity ~ We are multidimensional beings here on Earth to experience the awakening of our purpose and the embodiment of being both human and divine.
— AdaPia