Lunar Energies June 2019



We've officially entered the month marking the mid-way point of the year. How did we arrive so quickly? It feels like just yesterday we were reflecting on the past year and contemplating our Soulful contribution for the year ahead. Ready to express, create and manifest!

And, here we are. Halfway to "there".

Where is "there" anyway? Is it a place in time? Is it a tangible, durable, or measurable achievement? Is it a location? Where is "there" and what does it represent?

Of course, one could point to a calendar and say that it's a certain date within a certain system - the commonly used and entrenched Gregorian calendar. Look!It's a noun and a number in a predetermined sequence, scheduled and arranged at the behest of a few (men) who were in the right place ... at the right time. From this position of status, power, and authority, they defined 'time' as we know it. An unsynchronized, dissonant orchestration of conditioning that has programmed humanity and all of our activities for the past 437 years.

The Mayans, Egyptians, and even the Romans had different systems of measuring time than what we use today. Today, we trade 'time' for effort or money; we exchange life for survival. We measure time as though it were finite; we're locked into a paradigm of scarcity from the moment we open our eyes. It's groundhog day, every day.

Time, as we think we know it, is conceptualized by the mind. 
The question is: "is this the only way to think about time?"
The answer is: "no."

Nature doesn't use a calendar. The cosmos doesn't use a clock. Ancient, wisdom-based civilizations knew this. They understood and tracked celestial, planetary and natural cycles, honoring them as evolutionary roadmaps of matter, psyche, and soul.

Whether per ancient spirituality or quantum science, time is known to be anything but linear. 

Time is felt. Time is sensed. 

Who could we be, outside of this system of time? Say we were, indeed, limitless - what would that do to time? 

Fun questions, if you like mind-benders. We do, especially in June. Get ready for mental acrobatics, non-stop chattering, seeing double, and magic-carpet rides of imagination and opportunity! 

It's Gemini Season Unlike Any Other

Sometimes the mind likes to be bent, flexed and flipped around. With 70,000 thoughts a day, the mind keeps itself busy. It's the nature of the mind to be active and searching; always on a quest for more inputs, more information, and more answers.

The mind only gets us so far, though. In its search for answers, it must conceptualize, contrast and compare. The mind creates constructs that define behavior and belief. In essence, the reality that one experiences is a function of belief expressed as action.

The mind has created the construct of duality in its effort to place itself in time. In trying to understand, it has separated itself from the very thing it seeks: Truth.

The answers the mind is seeking can only be found with the help of the heart. Think about it: if the mind (Crowned-Prince-of-Knowing) was capable of finding the answers to the most important questions of existence - the ones that the Soul is asking, wouldn't we have them by now?

Maybe ... it's time to try something new. 
Maybe ... it's time to recruit the parts we dismissed as inferior.
Maybe ... it's time to put ourselves in right order.

It's time to integrate what we've believed to be two separate entities. We've been living the split as though it were normal, but our true nature is not dualistic. We are whole. We are One, both within, and without. 

We just haven't considered that perspective, trapped as we have been in the lower, linear mind of logic and reasoning - and reasonableness.


Are our most cherished dreams, aspirations, and desires reasonable?!?! Why would we limit ourselves so? Who put those silly limitations there?

It doesn't matter. Really, it doesn't. Because that's ruminating on the past; a place that lower mind likes to go and fritter away precious energy - the vital energy of Awareness and Presence.

Presence is outside of all time. 'Here' and 'Now' are not adjectives describing time. They are states of total Being. 

 "Every choice you make matters. Every thought has a consequence as well. The truth is, there is no such thing as a small choice – not really. Remember that when you next arrive at that place in life at which you think nothing you can do matters. Everything matters. Live in that truth." ~ Caroline Myss

We have an opportunity - right here, right now - in this exact moment in time, to choose. There is only the present moment, and there has only ever been one path: the path of the unified heart and mind. 

And that - the unification of heart and mind - is the truest, purest, expression of Gemini. Gemini is the representation of our multifaceted nature; the ability to connect the dots between all of the layers and to communicate the constant creative force surging within us, which underpins all life.

When the mind and the heart are unified, we are exponentially empowered in our co-creative capacities. We channel the force of love into action to manifest the life we desire.

In essence, we love our life into being*, as exquisitely stated and explained by Tania Gabrielle. Rather than pushing, forcing or expecting, we take a step back to allow the heart to intuit and for the feelings of love to fill the spaces of our minds. We love our life into being by following our bliss. The bliss that lights a clear, ecstatic path to our divine destiny ... 

With an open heart and a loving mind, we choose our Path. We choose our Story.

What story will you tell? What story will you author? Will you cast yourself as the hero? We get to create our own stories with every thought, every choice, and every action - every moment of every day of our lives. It's incredibly empowering, and a huge responsibility, when it comes down to it. To some, it may be disconcerting. 

It's immense power, and it's at our command. It's the power to mold, shape and determine how we use time and how we fill space. And though we don't necessarily write, we are, by definition, all authors.

Author is also the keyword contained in, 'authority'. To be the author of something means to be the boss of it. It means owning it because you're creating it. I'm an author. You're an author. 

With this understanding, we are empowered more than ever to create the story of our lives, as the authors and with the authority that we step up and claim! 

You are the only authority.
You are your own author.
You write your own story.

Claim it. Own it. Write it. Live It.

"This year we see in real time how our thoughts, feelings, and desires, direct our reality of choice. The boundary between within and without dissolves. Last year we moved through our depth shadow lands to ground our authority. This year we claim full ownership of all that we are, want and see it come alive around us, in real time." ~ Ceres Andromeda

As empowered creators, we must choose wisely. We must especially choose our words wisely - the words we say out loud with our voices and the words we speak silently to ourselves. Our thoughts must be loving. If our thoughts are loving, our actions are kind. And as we've always been told, what goes around, comes back around.

We are re-writing the story and our roles, individually and collectively, now. Look at what is changing, crumbling, and falling away ... and let it go. Let the worn and torn pages fall away and turn your attention to the pages yet to be written, brimming with blank potential, inviting your most cherished dreams to be loved into existence by the tenor of your frequency.

Choose who you want to be. The choice you are being offered now is to be the person you’ve been or be the person you know you can be.

Working With The Lunation 

This month's lunation, alignments, and energies are offering a mix worthy of the cosmic twins. We are still entrenched in releasing false paradigms and unshackling ourselves from generations (if not lifetimes) of limitation, lack, and fear. When we do our work, we are doing it for our family, our lineage, and our ancestors. As we do this, we're inviting in more Spirit, making space for Grace, and offering up the ego in service to the Soul.

3-6-9-12-18 are the number codes for June. They are all connected in myriad ways, offering optimism and opportunity for creation and completion, whether alone or combined. They reflect the energies at play, inviting intuitive focus to capture the full potential inherent in each, so work with the one you are most drawn to on any given day. 

Spend time in nature, feet in the grass, on the sand or in the ground. Get out in the Sun, offering thanks for the warmth, and the light that is still waxing until it comes 'home' on the 21st, in the sign of Cancer. Celebrate the progress, both of what is being surrendered and of what is being manifested. Grab the ideas that are rushing in, ground the ones that feel blissful, and let the rest float away like clouds on a windy day! Express gratitude for the gift of life, the opportunity for growth through challenge, and the exhilaration of being alive right here, right now.

We came for this.

We're the alchemists of time and space, unifying heart and mind, turning lead (the density of thought) into gold (the light of the Soul). As alchemists, we are both the vessel in which alchemy happens, and the catalyst for the transformation of the elements.  The result? An awakening of pure consciousness; diamond, crystalline, glittering light. Our divine birthright, and the story we scripted before we ever opened our human eyes.

May we each awaken together in realization of our connection to each other. We may we see the truth in Unity, and work as a unified force for good. May the light continue to shine into, and through you. May you continue to shine your light upon the World.
— AdaPia